Immediate Changes You’ve Noticed From Taking/Not Taking Supplements

First I’d like to say I’ve been a long time reader and applier of T-Nation information but I’m new to the forums. Apologies in advance if this is a duplicate thread.

It’s been a couple months since I routinely used biotest supplements. As with life, everyone has a different path in their lifting journey. Money issues caused me to cut back on supplementation. Got a some coming in the mail tomorrow.

What are some immediate changes or even longer term changes you’ve noticed from not taking certain supplements or even changes you noticed from starting them?

My wallet much preferred when i wasnt taking supplements, but that’s pretty much it - if I’m being honest.

Every supplement i previously recommended, was effective… as a substitute for the actual thing. Pre/intra workout nutrition is 10/10, but can be replaced by literally just timing your carbs for pre workout. I suppose the volume would be difficult to manage on a bulk, but it can still be done via fruit juice.

Supplements are really only effective if you’re not getting that need fulfilled by regular food, in my experience… except ive found better results when just using foods for this.


Creatine worked well for me. I gained 3+ pounds of bodyweight and nice plumpness in my muscles in less than 2 weeks.

Then I ran out for a couple weeks, and lost the 3 pounds and got a little flat.

When I started again the weight and the swelling came right back.

I’m probably hooked for life now.

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