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some of you workout gurus might be able to help me on this one. when i am heavy benching with dumbells in the flat or incline position, my left shoulder tends to drop and help push the weight up. its making my left pec look a little imbalanced with the right. it happens at the time of muscle failure or extreme fatigue. any ideas how to correct? maybe lighten up for forms sake?

Try masturabating with your right arm every once in a while. Your condition is called “Southpaw Fornication Overtraining Syndrome”. Ok so if your left pec is smaller, and get’s squirrely on you during your pressing movements, it’s most likely a neural inhibition. You may have an impingement, scar tissue that your N.S. is working around, or you may have had an old injury that is causing these probs. Test the protective musculature around the shoulder capsule, i.e. the external rotators and subscapularis for left to right strength and ROM imbalances for starters, if no discrepancies exist, go to the ART website and find a practitioner in your area. If discrepancies do exist, you may be able to fix them in the gym by adressing the weak points of the aforementioned soft tissue.

Marc, I did the “revolotionarey” new lower back exercise you told me about and now I have slipped 3 discs! My Sports Med Dr. told me you are crazy for reccomending your new “self invented movment!”