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If Not An Injury, WTF Is It?

I started GVT 2000 just over a week ago. Today was hamstrings for the 2nd time. After the first W/O I was good and sore for about 5 days; today I’m nearing the end and my right hamstring becomes useless. I don’t believe I pulled anything its more like a knot but not a charley horse. The leg is fine for walking/stretching, but any type of weight the pain is not intense or throbbing more like a surprise or something and after a few reps becomes useless.

I’ve had this happen with my right quad as well but its been a long time since that has happened. Did I stretch? Yes but of course that could always be better. Has anyone experienced this or have any thoughts? I tried working the knot or whatever it is out and no go. As I said I don’t think its a pulled muscle as I believe I’d feel it walking or stretching. Thanks for any help.

Take some cotrast showers on the area right after your workout.

Maybe an explanation of contrast showers might help as well.

I believe Don Alessi talks of this as a recovery method. I’ve used it and it’s tough to get used to at first but after a while, I do think it may have some benefit. What you’re trying to do is clear the muscles of free radicals I believe and then flood the muscles with new blood.

So, start by taking a very cold shower to constrict, then go to hot, then go to cold, then to hot for 15 mins…

Give er a whirl and let us know how it works out. Try to search for DOn Alessi and see if it yields any help…

I’d get it checked out though…I doubt this will fix the situation.

Thanks for clarifying - interesting. I will search this but it does sound like a method used for recovery. What really pissed me off is that I couldn’t finish.

Its pretty much gone now so it makes me wonder if its some kind of freaky spasm. Maybe I’ll try a short bit of cardio first then some stretching.

I even thought it might be the weight being too high as I am going to failure and the muscle just bunching up or something - would this make sense?

whats prolly going on is that your hammy’s are weak compared to the rest of your legs - don’t fret, this is typically common. Just stick with it

What’s your diet like?

Perhaps you have something there as far as hammies being weak; they actually don’t look it but they feel it especially behind the knees, maybe lower the weight a bit.

Diet I thought was pretty good: CAL between 1600 - 1900, Fat 20%, Carb 35%, Prot 45% approximate. Weekends higher.

I’ve been experimenting lately with a lower calorie count - more like 1300 - 1500. How’s that working? Like shit is how! I’m trying to lean down desperately; I fucked up and gained and am frantically trying to loose. I’ve upped everything a bit hoping something will work.

I’d stay away from contrast showers. The heat will exacerbate inflammation if that is already an issue. If you use them, use cold and lukewarm, not cold and hot. Try using ice, maybe a cryocup if you have one.