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I Want to Try Competitive PLing

Right now my body weight is 194 with a empty stomach and no clothes lol my max deadlift is 635 no belt with chalk my squat is 505 slightly below parallel and 360 bench with a 2 second pause.

Is this enough to win a meet at my body weight?
Is lifting at a meet harder then lifting at the gym?
How do u warm up for the lift?
If my gym pr is 635 what should I use for each attempt? For example first attempt being right under 635 like 620 then second attempt being 635 then third attempt trying a new pr?
What are the regulation for each lift? Points of contact on bench , time pausing with weight etc.

Also if u think I don’t have a chance with those numbers please tell me,I’ve been training for 2 years now I have a lot of time to progress I think. I’m only 20 yo.

Thank you for you feedback both negative and positive

Dude just sign up and go. Can you win @198 at local meet sure will you win if Ernie Lilliebridge is there no. Stop over thinking it and get on the platform.


as far as your other questions I got a lot of good advice here with my first post: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/tylerkeen42#myForums/thread/5913641/

Ernie Lillebridge is moving up to 220 for now, so you’re in the clear.