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I Know I'm Not Suppose To But...

ok i looked every on forums and search engines for a steroid site that sells, finding one is not a problem at all, but knowing which one isnt a scam is. i need to know what site has good gear for cheap if anyone could tell me please message me.

flame away cuz i know alot of you are going too.

were you born yesterday? prices just doubled.

what u mean prices just doubled

Just send me the money and I’ll save you the time of deciding which online site you feel like donating your money to.

Seriously, pick a site that seems like a lot of people talk about and have good things to say. You probably won’t find many, but it’s worth a shot. Check the members to see if those repping it have been on the board a while an are generally respected. Give it a shot. You might get scammed, but that’s life. You either get lucky and get a decent online source or you start from scratch.


Go to the gym, probably a Gold’s or another hardcore gym. Workout there for a while and buddy up, at least get to know the owner or some of the big dudes. After a while ask if they know anyone selling. That’s probably your best shot. They might ask if you’re looking to use before you even mention it.

Either way you’re going to have to do it on your own and spend some time doing it. You could probably score a source from someone pretty easy, but it’ll likely have shit gear or the package will get picked up by customs very easily, and you’ll probably pay out the ass for everything. Anything worth having takes effort.

Now matter how much sympathy someone tries to push off, it still doesn’t make it any less of a bad idea in tossing sources around.