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hydrolized whey for pre-workout

A lot of people are using free form amino acids pre-workout to have them available in the blood stream while exercising. The amount they use adds up to a minisucle 10 grams of protein. Since Whey is 50% EAA and hydrolosate takes about 30 minutes to get into the bloodstream on an empty stomach, could a scoop of hydrolyzed whey in the morning be used as a cheaper, if less palatable, substitute for amino acids?

why would you take aminos in the morning? the only time really is pre-,during,and post- workout. Hydrolyzed whey should also be used then also. If you are going with whey hydrosylate in the morning add some whey isolate also. laters pk

I was thinking of taking them pre-workout for a morning workout. (And as a side effect, they would halt catabolism pretty well.)

Anyway, what I’m wondering is, does hydrolosate have the potential to put you immediately into positive nitrogen balance like FFAAs do?

i would definitely take hydrosylate in the morning if you are going to work out them. the formula for pre- during and post- workout is always the same no matter what time of day you train. i remember from one of the t-mag articles that talked about training right after you woke up. the said to make sure to drink some simple suger carbs. Idealy it would be better to go with whey isolate when you wake up and then workout 2 hours later. laters pk

Did you mean whey isolate with carbs? Why do you think whey isolate would be better than hydrolosate?

the point is to wake up and have a carb, whey protein isolate shake. then 2 hours later hit the weights with the simple sugar whey hydrosylate blend, ie. Surge. The reason for this is to put your body in a positive nitrogen balance as well as replinishing low glygogen levels from the sleeptime fast stage. That is needed for mass gains as well as prevention of mass lose. Now if you HAVE to workout right when you wake up then go with the whey hydrosylate and the simple sugars as well as increasing the amount of simple sugars to replenish glycogen levels faster. laters pk