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I eat a fair amount of the stuff with veggies and dark bread, is it pretty nutritional? I know it has some fat in it, but can anyone be a little more precise?


Good as for taste Yes

Nutrition wise not so much. Loaded with simple carbs. But hey it depends on goals and the rest of your diet.

Great Post workout.


What simple carbs? I thought that chick peas were protein with complex carbs? Nothing else in hummus other than garlic, tahini (good fat), lemon juice and maybe some parsly.


Yep. Hummus is basically ground up chickpeas.
In 1/4 cup of chickpeas there are 19 grams of carbs, 11 grams of fiber, o grams of sugar and 7 grams of protein.

Now obviously, as was already mentioned, what is being added to make the hummus is a big deal.

Best thing to do is make your own with a food processor. Then you know extra sugar or bad fats aren't being added to give it shelf life or more commercial (read that yummy and bad for you) appeal.


Yeah, that's what I thought.


so does anyone know if chick-peas are a complex or simple carb? ie high/low GI?



Maybe this will help. The main ingredients (when made at home) are what BGB posted with the exception of salt for taste. We usually spread it on a plate and add olive oil to the top as well.



Chickpeas have a very low GI, and hummus has healthy fats. John Berardi recommends it as a healthy food.


When I was in the Middle East, I ate hummus up to three times a day and Taboleh (spelling) at least as often.

Great stuff




Nothing wrong with any of the ingredients in it -- Chickpea,garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, salt & peper, parsley.

As a matter of fact I think most middle eastern food is pretty safe. Like most food--its the quantity not the quality.


AH shoot me it was early and I was thinking Hominy as in Grits.

Have your Hummus and eat it too.


Hummus has a fair amount of fiber in it too. I eat it on sandwiches instead of mayonaise and coupled with plenty of protein I get the blasting farts. Good when I'm watching football with the guys and bad when I'm sitting next to some hot chick in class.