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HRT = Testosterone Tablets?!?


(I know, I know, I'm only 34 so I shouldn't be posting here...but I thought this crowd would know a little more about my particular issue.)

I finally tested low enough T that my doc is willing to prescribe something...292, (down from 380 about a year ago). He is going to call in a prescription in the morning for "testosterone pills". Testosterone pills? I've heard of androgel, I've heard of injections, but I've never heard of pills as a treatment. Only one question came to mind, that of liver toxicity, so I asked about that and he said it would be a low enough dose that it wouldn't be an issue. I asked what his goal was and he replied that it was to restore the energy I was complaining about not having. No idea what plan B is if this doesn't work, but I guess I'll worry about that later.

So, what are the thoughts of the Nation on this course of treatment?


34 is close enough, right guys??

I have no idea what he is giving you.


Yeah, I'm not sure what they are, but we have something like that up here too. I need to find an open minded doctor...


My best guess (thanks to the power of the internet) is that it's methyltestosterone, Testred?. The doc specifically said he was going to have the pharmacist "make it", which makes the whole thing seem even more bizarre. I'm going to ask him tomorrow why he isn't just going the androgel route...from everything I've read, it sounds like it has all of the benefits and none of the potential negatives.

At least I'm starting down some path of treatment for this...finally.


That the pharm. is going to compound it is not uncommon. Androgel is only available in packets or a pump, and either way you pretty much are stuck with dosage increments stipulated by the amount in one "pump" or one packet. He may be thinking along the lines of Dr lee's work (much less than the 5mg / day from an Androgel packet - more like 1-2)or he may not have any idea what he is up to. I reccomend you read the TRT board over at meso-rx. Also, look up Dr. Lee + HRT on Google and take a look at a countervailing viewpoint. This is still a developing field of medicine. Be careful. One thing I can tell you: If your guy can dial you in, you are going to feel mush better.


I hope he's not trying you on the new


The cream, which has to be compounded by a pharmacist, is absorbed better than the gel. You can get slightly higher levels comparing gm for gm of the cream. And the cream is about 1/5 the cost of androgel. The 10mg per day dose of cream tended to get people in the mid to higher normal range like 700ng/ml of total t, dont remember free t from the study. There is also less estradiol/estrogen conversion from cream, compared to shots.

compounded cream from pharmacist would be my first choice for HRT.


End result: bioavailable, natural testosterone...2.5mg capsules. I am incredibly skeptical that this will work, but I'll give it a try...and if it doesn't work, I'll push for a higher dose and in the cream form.

I asked my doc why he didn't prescribe a cream since it apparently had all of the benefits and none of the negatives of the oral form. His reply was that he had never prescribed the cream. Um...on second thought, if this oral route doesn't work, I think I'll push for a referral to an endocrinologist.

(After my first dose, I immediately felt an incredible burst of energy. Since I had a triple venti no foam 140 degree latte with it, maybe...just maybe...it wasn't from the medication.)


keep us posted.


is it Andriol??


If it's Andriol, it doesn't say so on the bottle. It's a compound and it just says "testosterone" on the label...well, and the dose and dosing instructions.

Day three and nothing drastically different...


There's been some great some great research lately on how to boost testosterone naturally, i.e. sans even supplements. Of course, you've probably got more going on, but I thought I'd check to see if you've seen the latest and greatest...


Yes, I know there are methods to boost T naturally...and I've tried many of them. Some of them made me "feel" better, but the blood tests showed no/little change. Besides, I seriously doubt there are any natural methods that will bring me from the 200s into the 600+ range. That said, I seriously doubt my current 2.5mg orally 1x/day regimen will do that either.

I'm going to give it a month and see where I'm at and adjust from there...




Perhaps it is T-Undecanoat (brand name andriol, no first-pass-effect). Or Methyl-T (first-pass in the liver).


Did you try Alpha Male or TRIBEX
before the blood test?

If so what else did you try?

I've been looking into HRT lately also,
but would like to put it off if I can.
Good luck and keep us posted.


Could it be that he's giving you a placebo of some sort? Everything sounds a little 'off' in my opinion. Go to an Endocrinologist.


i was on androgel.i was in the 100's and it bumped me into the 300's.that was until summer.i am 312lbs. at 5'10.i'm told i look 250lbs.i am heavily muscled but heavily fat too.at this weight i sweat like gangbusters.i shoot pool for a league on tuesdays,and just doing that makes me sweat buckets.this caused the gel to be ineffective.i would end up with a residue on my arms.amd my t levels dropped terribly low.double digits.they now have me on an oral called striant.it is a buccal system w/30mg per tablet.just started it.
the tablet adheres to your uppergum and disolves for 12 hrs.you then replace it with another.i tried to see how ppl were doing on it but can't find any info.
my doctor put me on this but is sending me to an endo.if i get a choiceof my HRT,which way should i go?


There are only three ways to get Test in, topical, sublingual/buccal, oral and intra-muscular injections.

You already went topical and it didn't work for you. It seems that oral absorptions varies a lot between individuals and between days for a same individual. Therefore, your Test. levels are going to be more inconsistant. However, this has to be balanced with the fact that its in pill form, you swallow and forget.

Injections seem to be the prefered way to go for the most people here considering that you can easily control your Test. levels and they will remain constant for each injection. On the con side, its the needles and some people don't like injecting.

A sublingual/buccal delivery system is also possible, but how don't know how people like having something on their gums all day.

Hope this helps,