HPTA Restart- Easy Guide


So, I abused steroids when I was younger which resulted in low TRT due to bad or no PCT. Have used TRT for 6-7+ years with varying degrees of succes and I want off it now.

Im 34, don’t drink and don’t smoke. Is the above protocol optimal for me aswell?

Are there any other stuff that can help me? I see Gman12 taking Tongkat Ali etc, would that be from the start of the HPTA restart protocol?

How about peptides - would they be good? And if, any specific?

I don’t think there’s a straight forward answer to that question @denmarkdude and if there is, it’s certainly beyond my understanding of the HPTA. With that being said, hormones aren’t fully understood by anyone yet.

Some have argued (Dr Rand of YouTube fame springs to mind here) that the HPTA is hardwired and will typically return to its pre-steroid setting given enough time.

The important thing to note here is that your natural levels at 20 years old probably wont be your natural levels at 34 years old. You might have always been destined for low T at 34 years old, so coming off TRT at such an age and not recovering “fully” isn’t necessary due to your steroid abuse it may have been in the pipeline for you regardless. I recorded a log of my HPTA restart on this forum, should be easy enough to find. There’s a YouTube video linked in the log, the guy restarted after heavy cycles for 10 years. Might be a similar case to yours.

Seems to work well for many. Personally don’t have much experience.

Thanks for the reply.

I did read your post, but i got a little confused because you use clomiphene, but thats not recommended here.

Whats appealing to me is this very simple protocol, i feel like ive got nothing to loose and everything to win. I only sporadically experience the ‘sweet’ spot on TRT so its kinda frustrating. I live in Denmark where there is very little and un-educated medical knowledge on this subject, so im pretty much on my own. Are you still feeling good after your restart?

I researched as much as I could but still made some errors with my restart. Some papers show Clomiphine slightly better than Tamoxifen in male fertility, that’s why I chose it initially before switching to Nolvadex(Tamixifen). I had some anxiety with colmid and eventually gyno symptoms which forced me to use Tamoxifen to stop the gyno developing further. In my experience Tamoxifen has far less side effects and other claimed benefits like a lesser desensitising effect on GnRH receptors along with the gyno protection mentioned above. I was a doubter at first but see no reason to use Clomid over Tamoxifen now.

I wrote this guide after my own restart. Hopefully this is a refined version of what I used although the dosages and compounds are still very similar minus the Propionate which was unnecessary imo. You have got nothing to lose here, it will either work or it won’t but if your balls worked before the chances are they will work again.

I now commit the cardinal sin…… I cycle on and off purely for aesthetics as medically I don’t need TRT, my levels are mid range. TRT was problematic for me, like many I had thick blood which gave me high blood pressure. Not good. I also want to preserve fertility but running HCG for long periods gave me uncontrollable e2 levels which also contributed to highe blood pressure.

While coming off, there was about 1 week where I felt a bit shit, perfectly adequate after that. I felt good after about 8 weeks and just back to normal after about 12 weeks where I noticed weight stabilising and gym gains coming back online albeit very slowly.

Awesome thread. Thanks for this. I’m doing this exact thing (currently on phase 2, dropped the test a couple weeks ago). I’m still debating on the my nolvadex dosage though. I was thinking of running 10mg Ed for 8 weeks to avoid any ocular related side effects instead of 6 weeks. Reading lots of literature about low dosed nolva being just as effective with less potential sides.

Nice write up @Madagascarspirit. Thank you for taking the time.

In case this is helpful to someone who may want to recover HPTA while continuing on physiologic levels of Test…


Glad you’re finding the thread useful! How are you feeling now?

It seems that issues with eyesight is more common following Clomid use and less of a concern with Nolvadex. The general consensus is that 20mg daily for 6 weeks is a happy medium. The higher 40/40/20/20 4 week protocol obviously works and seems to originate from bodybuilding cycle restarts. 10mg daily is typically on the low side but you’ve followed this plan and you balls should be well primed from the HCG meaning 10mg might be all that required to expedite the process. I’d be tempted to start taking the Nolvadex during the last week of HCG to let it build up closer to steady state concentrations in your system so that when you come off HCG it’s already started doing it’s thing on the pituitary. HCG will be mostly cleared out of your body in less than a week.

Feeling okay, not as good as T but still manageable. Lost some size but nothing to drastic, keeping diet and lifting very strict. Adding Nolva on the last week of HCG is something to think about, we’ll see. I can handle feeling crappy for a week or so until the nolva kicks in. Another compound I was also considering was enclo but there seems to be very little research into it in conjunction with restarting HPTA.

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Sounds positive. Thanks for updating I’m sure record of your experience restarting will be helpful to others. Especially noting any protocol tweaks you have made that worked well.

Curious. what week was it you felt like shit? Reason I ask is I am halfway in this protocol, just started the HCG mono therapy. Was thinking of scheduling a week off work when I transition from HCG to my SERM (Enclo) but want to make sure I don’t waste the time off and do it during the time where my body isn’t feeling great.

Any opinions on triptorelin to restart the HPTA? People tend to be dismissive of it as it is used for chemical castration at high dosages (about 40 times what you’d use for HPTA restart), but a single dose of 100mcg seems to be effective.

How are these symptoms today are they all still there?? What made you start TRT to be fine with was it medical reasons or workout purposes?

Hey I’m 33 years old I got on because Low T symptoms came out of no where. How about you what made you start?

Why novelx do a clomid not work as well?

The second week of part 3 seems to be worst for me. Perhaps it takes a couple weeks for pituitary to start the signal again after HCG is stopped.

I logged it in this post Coming Off TRT After 3 Years- HPTA Restart Log

I believe the easy guide is more optimal than my original log. The HCG dosing frequency and test prop are not necessary and only complicate things.

Sorry I’ve no experience with this

These symptoms were temporary and only occurred as I came off injections and begun producing my own testosterone naturally again. They lasted about a week.

I went on TRT due to mood issues and weight gain. Controversially, I feel there’s a case for TRT being a possible weight loss tool.

I honestly feel like we need more people like you on this forum. Everyone on here is always talking about wanting to start TRT a lot alot are starting it because of workout purposes. But no one really ever talks about how to get off of it properly. I feel as if the doctors from the clinics do not even want you to get off because then that means you won’t use there services anymore. Also no one really ever talks about why they started TRT to begin with. Some people are on it for medical purposes and only medical purposes like my self. There should be a separate threads that distinguish the reason why men are on TRT such as a cycle thread and then a medical thread. We can not treat these individuals the same. I have been on TRT for going on 5 years and I’m 33. I’m losing my hair and it hurts to see it fall out like this. My life has never been then same sense starting it. I have been looking for someone for so long that could help me get off of this but I definitely understand that I mite not ever be able to come off. But I will never give up I hate that TRT has been apart of my life for the past 5 years. But at the same time I need it.

Before I developed low T symptoms I was living my best life and ever since I started TRT nothing was ever the same from sex drive to sensitivity issues and my hair. I just need the proper way to come off and illl keep giving it a try and hope one day I can stop.

You’re right that many clinics seem to scaremonger patients if they show interest in stopping treatment. They are a business at the of the day.

Guys on here use TRT for lots of reasons, it can be a great tool but it’s a very person specific cost vs benefit decision. If it’s working for you then great enjoy it. If it’s not then get off and see if things improve, you can always jump back on. Glad that some are finding this guide useful should they want to stop. Finding a restart protocol can seem conflicting and overwhelming initially. Good luck.

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Slightly simpler approach I took for reference:

Blood work in the linked thread on EM.