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HPTA Restart- Easy Guide

This post aims to be an easy guide to HPTA restart.

Part 1- Pre-restart (6-8 week duration)

This stage is only required if HCG is not currently part of your TRT protocol.

The purpose of this is to encourage your testicles to begin producing testosterone again avoiding unnecessary negative symptoms of low testosterone and low estradiol when you stop administering exogenous testosterone in the next part of this process.

Example Protocol

Testosterone 100mg per week
HCG 500 IU - Every 3 Days

Part 2- HCG Mono-therapy (4 week duration)

The purpose of this period is to reduce the levels of testosterone currently built up in your body that will provide unwanted feedback to your brain and could keep you suppressed hindering recover during PCT. You will stop taking testosterone and continue with HCG. This HCG mono-therapy will continue stimulating the testicles providing you with testosterone and stopping/reducing symptoms of hormone deficiency.

Example Protocol

HCG 600 IU - Every Other Day

On completion of part 2 get blood work done including:

If TT is within reference ranges continue to Part 3 below. If TT levels are lower than this, it may be necessary to consider TRT again/ discuss with doctor.

Part 3- SERMs Only- 6 week duration

In the absence of HCG the primary goal here is to have the pituitary signalling the testicles again as quickly as possible.

Example Protocol

Week 1
20- 40mg - Every Day

Week 2
20- 40mg - Every Day

Week 3
20mg - Every Day

Week 4
20mg - Every Day

Week 5
20mg - Every Other Day

Week 6
20mg - Every Other Day

Get blood work 2 weeks after last tablet including:


Thank you for the guide, I’m about to get off after 2 years and needed something to follow.

Unfortunately I only have 1 bottle of 10,000 iu of HCG, but that won’t be enough for this entire PCT. can you recommend how I could make this work. Do I shorten the amount of time I run HCG before stopping TRT or shorten the amount of time I run HCG after TRT, or reduce doses.

Would it be ok to do the following

4 weeks
TRT + 400iu HCG E3D (10 injections) = 4000iu

4 weeks
HCG 400iu EOD (15 injections) = 6000iu

4-6 weeks Nolvadex

thank you!

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Sure it is. 500iu EOD for 3-4 weeks should be fine. Then follow up with 4 weeks of SERM

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As @swoops39 has said 10000IU is plenty.

What you propose seems like a pretty good way of splitting the 10000IU.

There really is no rigid magical formula for a restart protocol from what I can tell. It is important to understand the purpose of the 3 parts though. Although Part 1 is not a necessity it will give you the best chance of avoiding unpleasant symptoms of hormone deficiency. If you jump straight to Part 2 then there may be some lag time as the exogenous Testosterone washes out of your system before your balls are adequately up and running again.


Complete overkill. Managed to successfully restart after just 2 weeks of Tamoxifen after 2 weeks of HCG only.
You either restart or don’t, there is no half way and no point to do it for 6 weeks.

Happy for you bro. Were you on HCG before your restart?

This might be a stupid question, but I’m eager to completely get off. Would it be a terrible idea to just stop the test now and immediately start the HCG at a higher dose. Like 650iu EOD for 4 weeks, then run nolvadex 20mg for 4 weeks??


Definitely not a stupid question. You could stop cold turkey and likely recover in a few months. It’s more of a question of how soft do you want the landing to be when you jump off exogenous test.

This guide was written because there seems to be a number of members looking to attempt HPTA restarts for various reasons. I recently spent a lot of time researching what had worked for others along with relevant research etc. The approach in this guide is nothing new or ground breaking but an amalgamation of the best sources I could find. I personally tried this approach and it worked for me. I’ve been off Testosterone for about 3 months now and feel great.

I would advise you to get on HCG ASAP if you have been suppressed for a while. If you have your mind set on stopping. Go for it. The symptoms I experienced were unpleasant at times, some anxiety and some sexual dysfunction for a couple of weeks but in all honesty not that bad.

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This is perfectly reasonable. Given that your exogenous Test levels will be quite diminished after a few weeks, there is a question whether your balls will be ready to take over after a few weeks of HCG. It will depend on the level atrophy, the severity of your hypogonadism etc. This restart guide includes the worst case scenario and aims give someone who is inexperienced and/or does not have the time or otherwise to design and plan a protocol for themselves a good shot at recovering after years of suppression without HCG.

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Great, thank you. I’ll do the above and see how it goes. I’m already 3 days in since my last test shot, I was on a ED protocol. Currently waiting on bacteriostatic water for my HCG. Hopefully will start with 650ius EOD sometime this upcoming week. I’m 31 years old. I’ve been on TRT for 2.5 years. My TT was 470 before starting. I now realize I should have just lost weight and tried other avenues before starting TRT. I was overweight at 245lb with sleep apnea, which both contributed to my symptoms. After 2.5 years I want to be done with TRT and give myself a year to fully restart my body. I’ve lost weight and got a cpap. I’ve always worked out and will continue with weight training consistently. I’m 100% in on doing everything I can to recover. Even if I get back to 4-500 TT I’ll be more than happy.

Diet will be focused on hormone optimization. Focusing on healthy fats/lower carb/higher protein. Along with intermittent fasting.

Adding the following supplements

Roman Testosterone Support (ashwagandha + zinc + copper + maca + d3)

Ginger powder

Tongkat Ali

Fadogia agretis

D-Aspartic acid

Prolactin control p-5-p (vitamin b6 )

Animal pak multivitamin

Fish oils

Lastly going to give icing the boys 2-3x daily a try since some reported good results with this.

Will check labs in 6 months. :+1:


Quite similar age, time on TRT and natural levels to my own. I think you will restart just fine with your proposed restart protocol. I ran 300IU daily and felt great for 4 weeks before Nolvadex. I think your approach of 650 EOD is more optimal than daily.

Something that I would suggest and be interested in hearing the outcome of is starting Nolvadex 1 or 2 weeks earlier. Reason being, I felt quite shit the second week of Nolvadex when the HCG had worn off but the Nolvadex hadn’t fully reached steady state. I believe the half life is around 7 days. Theoretically it would take a month to reach steady state levels. Starting Nolvadex a bit earlier can only help smooth the transition in my view. At least logically speaking.

Good plan

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