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How to Transition from OMAD?

Hi Christian,

Based on your experiences, what is the way to make a nutrition transition from the OMAD style to a more regular version?

OMAD and fasting works very well, but in long periods, there is a great adaptation, either in the performance or muscle, that although with a small amount of protein (0.8-1.0 grams per kg) and filled a perfect intra training, allows to maintain a good physical and muscular objective.

However there is a point where even the aesthetics of the body begins to change, the look and muscle tone, even if the strength is maintained and the weight remains the same.

Because this type of restriction works very well, that is why it would be the best way to adapt to a new block that would allow reaching at least 2.2 grams of protein per Kg getting the maximum from the TRF, and increase muscle mass keeping the fat low.

Carbohydrates would be around the training, either before, during and after. Fats would have to be considered in another way, maybe

Hi Michell - curious are you saying OMAD has made your physique/aesthetics look better or worse (However there is a point where even the aesthetics of the body begins to change, the look and muscle tone, even if the strength is maintained and the weight remains the same.)?


In the 1/3rd of the period I have used OMAD, it was a moment of transition that let us see that there could be very interesting changes. In the 2/3 of the period is where these changes took place and reported results that exceeded expectations, since these results came with a system completely antagonistic to the normal nutrition systems that we already know.

The fact that aesthetic and muscular results appeared with a very low amount of protein (but with a strategy always during training using plazma and/or mag10) did not seem to make sense, but in many occasions Christian has explained the benefits of IF, TRF even of fasting.

The 3/3 where I appreciated some different changes. Although there are very low levels of fat, the texture of the adipose tissue has shown that more fibrotic tissue has been generated. The muscle tone also begins to lose some excitement of the fibers, the way to plan the workouts also changes, because of the different responses I get.

All this, I think, is an adaptation and activation of different biological survival mechanisms.

Therefore, long periods of time, in my experiences you have these 3 phases: adaptation, change, and remodeling and it is necessary to include blocks where to provide construction blocks again, which for sure will provide important positive changes.

That is why I have the doubt of how to make a new block that will allow me to build again, since the body is not used to process 3-4 solid foods and has adapted to use a low amount of protein, manage carbohydrates and fats before a restriction not only temporary during the day, but caloric.

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How long where you consuming OMAD? Because everytime I’ve done it in the past I didn’t have any problems processing more than 1 meal afterwards.

If anything, the digestive system becomes more efficient and digesting 3-4 smaller meals is easier than one large meal.

Let’s say that you consume OMAD with around 2500 calories… if you switch to 3 or 4, even with more total calories, each meal will be smaller hence, easier to digest.

You’ve trained your body to digest a large amount of food, asking it to digest smaller amounts, albeit more frequently should become easier.

As for the protein amount. While there is some possibility that your proteolytic enzymes decreased and that it will be harder to breakdown protein, I don’t see this as being a huge issue. Simply by starting using easy to digest proteins (whey, eggs for example) this should largely bypass the problem. Whey, for example, is largely “pre-digested” and should take care of any potential issue.

If you feel more psychologically comfortable swiching to several means and a higher protein intake gradually, be me guess. I just personally don’t think that it’s necessary. And I’ve made that transition tons of times.

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I have been doing OMAD for over a year and a half, and also cycling the Kcal and macros.

Except for the high kcal days, which can be every 4-5 days (in my last block), I have rarely reached 2500 kcal, in fact much less. So a low kcal intake we already know what it entails both on a cosmetic level and on a muscle mass level, but I feel very comfortable being on those 4 low days and increasing the 5 for example. I’m able to keep my gains, my weight and my body fat low.

More than the digestion of a large meal that reaches those kcal (2,500 for the example you give), it affects me more how my body manages this high amount, and consequently how the insulin is able to distribute it efficiently and in the right places, either in a single balanced in their macros, as higher in protein, moderate amount of fat and low amount of carbohydrates, as each of the distributions will report different hormone cascades.

My experience tells me that my body is better able to handle low amounts of calories and food than high ones, and every certain period of time, spike the calories and their macros, and more than protein and fat, the carbohydrates.

In the last weeks I’ve been doing the high kcal day test, doing 2 spaced meals and the result is optimal, but I need to go back OMAD to at least a few days, where I feel much more efficient.

More than feeling psychologically better with more meals, it is the need to add more macronutrients, micronutrients and reach some caloric goals that allow me to continue progressing with the feeling of wellbeing and digestive relaxation that OMAD gives me.

The sensation of an empty and relaxed GI does psychologically produce a sense of well-being.

But you are right, that sources of protein such as whey and eggs should facilitate the process, I think that also white fish or pork loin, have an easy digestion. Even add 1 serving of Mag10 to the Plazma during training.

The goal would be to find a way for my digestive and hormonal system to be efficient in processing at least 2.2 grams of protein per Kg, as well as to find a base with carbohydrate and fat intake that will allow me to maintain my current body composition and body mass and I am sure that this increase after a strict OMAD will help me to progress or even improve my condition.

I am not obsessed with adding muscle mass, but with the structure I have, to have a very good package and quality.

BTW I Just grab this from Alan Aragon’s IG:

Since August, my breakfast shake has contained 3 scoops of whey, amounting to ~70 grams of protein. This has made it really easy for me to hit the rest of my daily protein target over the course of the rest of the day.

Final bit of trivia: a new study by Park et al (doi.org/10.3390/nu12113276) compared the anabolic response of 35 vs 70 g protein within a mixed meal, in older subjects (avg age 69.3 y). Whole-body protein balance as well as muscle protein synthesis was greater in the 70 g dose, raising the possibility that the per-meal ‘anabolic ceiling’ is substantially higher than we once thought - especially in older populations.

That’s an interesting subject. And it kinda falls in line with the work of Boirie (your fellow French person) on protein pulse feeding. She found a greater anabolic from cour consuming 80% of your protein intake in one meal as opposed to spreading it. more evenly throughout the day.


with your thibarmy hypertrophy programs, in your opinion, can I use this stregia with Mag10?

1/2 scoops Plazma
1 scoop Mag10
5 grams creatine biotest

During training
1 Plazma scoop
1 scoop Mag10

At the end of the training up to 30 minutes later
2 scoops Mag10

60-90 minutes after training
First Solid food

90-120 minutes
Second Solid food

You might want to take the creatine post-workout

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I personally believe that creatine is optimized when used pre and post workout

Always talking about the standard dose split?

I read it, I was thinking about it, but in my experience I notice a better performance, taking it before. Maybe placebo effect.

Anyway, once your cells are saturated, it works anytime, but pre and post make sense for me as well.

5g pre and 5g post?