How to move to the USA from Canada

So Canada isn’t doing well as you may know, not a fan of the ideology there and the general trajectory

Plus I am a big fan of Donald Trump and MAGA and it’s making a comeback

As an highly educated person, how do I proceed to find a work opportunity in the USA and immigrate there? I have two masters in science and 5 years in the jobs market in various technical positions

Maybe take the spot of H1B IT worker from India (or whatever it is) that the democrats import to steal jobs from the locals?

Thru the wide open southern border


If you have any experience in criminal defense law you have a good shot.

If you’re so well educated, you should be able to find the actual resources available on the internet to figure out what you should do rather than ask on a bodybuilding forum.

But then you wouldn’t have been able to start your next troll job.

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Stay there.

We don’t want you here. You suck, you’re an idiot and you’re attracted to toxic lunacy.

Honestly, fuck of. We have enough morons. No one gives a shit about your cereal box education or bullshit philosophies.


Fly to Mexico and walk in from there.

I am coming to make america great again, like it or not

Stay in cannuckistan. You made your bed that way, now sleep in it.

If I see you here I’m going to tell Scott, from Nova Scotia, and he’s a dick. He’ll kick your ass.

Go weld up in the oil sands territory. Food & shelter is covered, and you’ll bank betwen $80- 150 cannuckbucks/hr.

Go to the US Consulate and they should help with what you need.

Just remember that you’ll need to head south to reach the US border.

yeah. affordable and humane healthcare, extremely low crime and proper social safety nets. who needs those things?

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Did I say anything negative about Canuckistan?

No. I said negative things about Jasmine.

But your humane healthcare may as well be what americans call “taking the dog to the farm”.

Your crime rate is only insignificant compared to the comunists that runs your country, and your social safety net allows for junkies to luxuriate in addiction while turning the places they inhabit into bloody, shitty rats nests.

the amount of evil, bullying and Greed your ultra capitalist system instills has ruined the lives of millions of it’s constitnuants.

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yeah, perhaps for the 1% of the people in your country who can actually afford the healthcare. a LOT can’t and just end up dying because they’re to afraid of having to sell their house just to continue to live. pretty neat eh?

School shootings are practically a new past-time sport as well while you all watch it live as it happens with a gluttonous and morbid fascination with watching your own children die in hordes while offering “thoughts and prayers”

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Stay up there then…don’t ever cross over the border

Fine. You don’t get any then.

And if your country is so freakin great, why do you feel the need to defend it?

No one was attacking. But here you are, like the chick that ripped a salami fart in the checkout line swearing up and down that it wasn’t her.

We all know your illiterate frozen tundra sucks maple ice balls. You didn’t have to draw attention to it.

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I prefer concrete action to my issues. Not thoughts and prayers to a magical sky-daddy that doesn’t exist.

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Let me mansplain something to you, sugar britchez.

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I dont give a fuck.

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Jokes on you; a lot can’t even afford a house to lose.