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How to Cut Weight Quick?


i have to weigh in for a weight lose competition in 7 days want to now the best way to cut weight fast. i have pissing bills and lax but any ideals would be great. I am currently on deployment in a hot place were temps around 120 so i can deff sweat but was wondering if any one had past expierence with cutting a lot of weight. I found out someone else was planning on cutting weight so i figured i mise well to and try to win at the end.


How to cut weight quick? Cut off a leg.

I'm not going to give any advice on cutting water weight though, it's self explanatory and I'm not going to tell you how to do this, then hear later you tried my advice and died. Good luck though. Just sweat.


damn, beat me to it


yay hydroxycut, cutting carbs, cardio, and planning better next time


Lasix :slightly_smiling:


You might ask some of the fighters for their water cutting protocols...or just do a search.

And Hydroxycut? Really?


Protein Sparing Modified Fast.


This is how Matt Kroc does it.


And how is this related to bodybuilding?


Protein Sparing Modified Fast.


Get an exercise bike and put it into a sauna before your weight in.

Get into a heat suit, get into the sauna and ride the bike.


Rinse and repeat

Seriously though, you need more than 7 days. Get hooked up with a good program like CT's Get Jacked program, which is a 12 week cutting program.

There's also a drug you could get that's used by a lot of pro's, but like all drugs, it has side effects, etc. and I'm not going to give you the name of it.






i'm a fan, i've been using since freshman year in HS to cut weight