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How to Break a Diet Plateau?


I’m currently on a diet but have hit a plateau. I am 19 years, 73 kg and 180 high. I eat 2200 kcal/day - 30% protein, 30% carb, 40% fats. I walk 50 min/day, run 3 times 25 min/week + 2 interval trainings and then i train with weights 3 times/week.

What do you think that i should change? Upping Cardio, Lowering calorie intake, or changing P/C/F-ratio?

Ps. please no comments on whether or not i should loose weight. I’m doing it because I have never been shredded before and want to see my body i that state though i don’t have much muscles yet.

After hitting a plateau, the first thing I would try is upping cardio or just general activity (walking, weightlifting, whatever). If that didn’t work, I’d lower my carb ratio and increase my fat or protein intake. I don’t really like lowering calories, I love eating and would be paranoid I was losing muscle eating any less.

What is your plateau like?

I would start to worry if nothing changes for two weeks.

I would:

  1. Have a cheat meal, or a couple over the span of a few days.
  2. Substitute at least half my food for other equivalents (creating more variety).
  3. Increase protein & vegetable intake - up overall calories slightly.
  4. Increase meal frequency and put more focus on nutrient timing
  5. Change Routine.