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How Quick for E2 to Come Down Naturally?

How quick can or does E2 come down naturally if one reduces there dose or takes a break for a few days?

I have low SHBG.

Depends on the person. Usually a few weeks. If high E2 isn’t causing symptoms, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

That will depend on how fast your liver clears estrogen. You have low SHBG so you have a lot of free estrogen floating around as bioavailable because it’s not bound to SHBG.

Within days

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Interesting, amazing how much there is to learn about all this.

Is that a bad thing then? A lot of bioavailable E2?

Brilliant! Thanks!

It’s one of the reasons some low SHBG men struggle so much on infrequent dosing. My private doctor I use for consulting has notice this as well. A lot of doctors have noticed throught the years that low SHBG men seem to suffer from anxiety more than anyone.

I seem to be spared from these problems except for high E2 on anything other than an daily and EOD protocol.

Why do you want E2 to go down? You saw a number that you didn’t like? How do you feel?

That’s like 7 e2 doesn’t matter posts in 5 minutes, haha

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It’s the same godamn bro science nonsense post after post after post. Everyone afraid of E2 and wonder why they aren’t getting dialed in. Same people teaching everyone to be afraid with zero evidence to back up their statements.

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No one is afraid of anything, we are looking for a better balance of T and E2 and daily injections provides better balance in a lot of guys. A lot of the time it’s not the levels at all, but the large peaks and troughs that is causing the symptoms.

@systemlord if this post gets me banned from T-Nation forever so be it.

Your advice is harming people. Your fears have no basis in reality. You ignore all provided evidence. I personally think you’re borderline insane.

Mods, it is a pity that this kind of thing runs rampant in your forums. We know better. It’s 2020 for crissakes. The number of people harming themselves from these suggestions saddens me to no end.

You keep talking about fears, there is no fear of estrogen, only a balance of the two hormones. It’s reckless to ignore estrogen, it’s reckless to ignore any hormone and allow it to climb in the presents of symptoms.

For there to be low estrogen symptoms, there must also be high estrogen symptoms in the same way high and low testosterone can present with symptoms.

All you need is common sense. You think with regards to estrogen that it’s a one way street which leads me to believe people who think this are narrow minded individuals.

The evidence is limited and no concern for how these hormones are processed by each individual. Take me for example, I’m extremely sensitive to testosterone and there’s no denying it, the same is probably true for estrogen.

I remember when my estrogen was high, my joints were stiff and difficult to move, I also remember when my estrogen was low for more than a year, my joints were loose. That to me is the extreme on both ends of the spectrum.

80 years of research regarding estrogen and that’s considered “limited evidence” for you.

Common sense, he says.

If you’re so certain that what you’re saying is true (spolier alert - it isn’t), come debate me on my channel. If you can’t debate me for all the world to see it means you have doubts in what you’re saying and shouldn’t be spewing this nonsensical garbage to newbies who don’t know any better. You are casuing HARM.

Your research is unable to explain my experience, that’s why I give it so little regard. I just don’t think it get all aspects of estrogen and how it affect the human body. Think about it for a second, we know low estrogen causes loose joints, well then it’s not hard to understand how high estrogen could cause the exact opposite.

You haven’t read enough of it then.

This is clear, cut and dry. I can send you fifty studies for crissakes. It isn’t the estrogen. I can bring on another 100 docs and you’ll tell them they are all wrong also.

When the whole world is wrong except for you, I can assure you, that’s the very definition of nuts.

The day you forget about your damn estrogen levels is the day you will be on the path to begin to learn what your ACTUAL problem is instead of a make believe one.

Not to mention you are using bias from personal experience claiming it as evidence and suggesting others follow suit. It doesn’t work that way!

Could you maybe link the 5 to 10 most relevant ones here?

Not saying you are wrong (and in god’s name also not saying that the lord is right) but I haven’t seen any studies which demonstrated that too much estrogen (also in the context of high T and a good T to E ratio) isn’t causing any side effects, especially psychological ones in nature.

When it comes to strength and muscle growth I tend to agree that the only relevant parameter is the T to E ratio.
Libido or ED wise I have no idea.
And with regards to psychological side effects such as moodiness, anxiety and irritability it may or it may not have an effect. It can well be that all of these sides in men who report those are caused by something else but not high E.

And not to forget. Higher doses of T result in higher T to E ratios maybe that’s why many (or some) report to feel better on higher doses.

I’ve help a lot of men adjust their protocols and the only thing that changed dramatically was the estrogen while the testosterone was basically at the same level, yet they feel better and this has been repeated time and time again.

That is cut and dry to me, unless of course it’s the ratios that is the problem…

There is 0 data available (neither from the scientific literature nor from here) that would back this statement up.

There might be 1 or 2 reports available here but with an E assay variability of 25% (or even higher) this equals 0 evidence.
If frequent injections are helpful (and I think they are in a subset of men) than purely because of the reason of lowered hormone fluctuation.