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How Much Size Can You Put On in a Cycle?


I know this will be largely be depending on your success between training, nutrition and how you respond to certain AAS but let's assume a solid lean mass gain of 10lbs kept after a cycle

I only ask is you mostly hear about games measured by the body weight scale. What do you think 10lbs hain on a 5' 9" frame would add up on the tape measure? 1/2" on arms? Couple inches on the quads?

I'm currently 5' 9" 185lbs at roughly 12% body fat. I'd like to get 195lbs under 10% body fat. That's ONLY 15lbs of new muscle which is good but week within reason to gain after 2 cycles I think. Somehow my goal is to add 1-1/2" to my arms, 3" to my quads and 2-3" to my calves; i'm not sure 15 pounds of muscle is enough to add that kind of size

Anybody care to weigh in on what they think some reasonable gains to be made on the tape measure are? Again, I know this will vary but let's just assume 10lbs of lean mass over the entire body by way of balanced training (NO specialization or freak gains because one bodypart responds best when cycling..my shoulders and traps seemed to blow up the most my last cycle)


I don't see a 15lb gain equating to 3 inches on the quads mate. Not even close, to be honest.

I do think 15lbs of solid muscle as a fairly decent and realistic expectation for after 2 cycles though.


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yeah, i agree...

i read years back (Flex magazine, maybe?) that 10 lbs of LBM gain equated to 1 inch on the upper arms. for me, that is nowhere near close... granted, i've got long arms and am almost 6'3", but when i tell people my weight, they almost always underestimate it by 20-30 lbs.

for a medium framed guy at 5'9", it might be more accurate, though...


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Haha..NO worries guys. I always appreciate the honest replies. The value this site has added to my learning has helped me ALOT

I know it was a slighted question just everyone talks weight gain and I'd like to have realistic expectations for gains made on the tape measure

I have an idea of visually what I would look like with 10lbs of lean mass but NO idea what to expect on the tape measurement

I'm VERY satisfied with the gains I am able to make and know realistically everything takes time. I have NO idea what 3" on tge quads would look like on me. Maybe 1" would be very noticeable? I don't know

FWIW - i have been able to add 3/4" on my calves in 3 weeks. My calves were VERY pathetic and are still almost non existent. I will work them EVERY day if I sense they are good to go that day. It may just be that they are pumped more often and tgat is why I see a difference on the tape measure

Anyways, I have started another log where I'll track my gains. I'll be sure to post measurements too

Go EASY on me though, lol. I'm a 40yr old man who only decided to start cycling mostly because I am in TRT the rest of my life. I monitor my bloodwork and am careful to consider my health 1st and foremost. (Funny thing, with healthy T levels now after a possible 20yrs of low T and an asshole Dr I am healthier and happier than ever playing with my hormones - quite honestly an improperly run cycle and I have a better hormone panel that I did from the past..just saying. You CAN'T rely on your Dr's to care about your health)


What about the length though? I'm already built like a tuna can :frowning:


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Come on you're acting like you're 60. You're only 6 years my senior and I still feel and act like a stupid kid sometimes lol.

Seriously, 15lbs is definitely doable. I wouldn't even bother about measurements other than waist size. Just go by how you look in the mirror. You're around my height so I can tell you a 15lb increase in LEAN MASS will make a very significant visual difference if you're currently lean enough.


The thing I learned from going "on" is that the results you get are equal to the amount of work you put it. Your recovery is lightning fast, so you can train heavier, with higher intensity and more frequency. And metabolism speeds up so you can literally shovel food into your mouth.

For the guys who think gear is just a shortcut, and I know a few personally, they slack off in training as much as they did before using gear and get very little sustainable results.

You've been on TRT now, and increasing the dosage to "cycle" levels will definitely be a catalyst for growth. Train your heart out and match it with plenty of food. 15lbs is super doable. You could even set the bar higher haha break 200lbs bodyweight


At 5' 9" what do you thing are ideal and acceptable waist size?


NOT gonna lie. 200lbs is in the back of my mind, lol