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How Many Caloriess For Cutting?


Hey all, I've just finished logging my food intake for the past 2 weeks and found that on my workout days I am getting about 4000 cals with a 40/30/30 split. And on my off days about 3500 cals with the same split. Right now I'm still around the 250 mark bouncing from 245 to 250. I am just curious if for cutting I am going down the right path with my cals and split of protien/carbs/fat, or if I need to change things up a little bit more.

Also, my program right now is the BBB program set out on here. One top of that program I am doing additional cardio work more so just to get myself prepared for the upcoming mountain bike season, so I wont die on those 50km rides anymore. Thankx, everyone on here has been a wonderful help with all my other questions.


Yes or no

Is it working?? Are you losing Fat??

At what rate 2lbs or so a week?? If so then great if more id probably up intake if no eat less.

Sounds good other than that with what you provided


sounds like you found a good baseline


It sounds like a solid plan but only you can know for sure. Weigh yourself once every week or two weeks and just watch your progress. If it doesn't seem like your losing then by all means reduce cals a little more untill your where your losing weight at a pace thats comfortable to you.

Also the mirror may even be a better tool to judge your progress when cutting.


The mirror and my wife are saying i'm losing the fat, I was just curious because my weight hasn't really channged all that much. Normally my weight has always bounced around 250. So really if I'm losing the fat the weight will eventually follow? To me the weight has never been a really large issue I just want to get rid of the fat.


Like I said, just monitor your results and adjust where you feel its needed.


Keep the faith. Heck after two weeks you should get a feel for whether or not what your doing is working. Energy economics. burn more or take in less. An eye other than yours is probably more objective than your own.