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How Good Are Coconuts?


how is coconut cream? I'm thinking about buying a bunch of these cans from the asian store (pretty cheap from what I remember) and throwing them into my shaker with some whey for some cals. Is this good fat or should I just be buying flax oil?


like these


I'm not sure if "coconut cream" is just coconut oil - but virgin coconut oil (not the hydrogenated bullshit) has some very good shorter-chain fatty acids that you might not get elsewhere in your diet. Also it tastes very good. I used to cook all my meat with it, and eat it straight up from a spoon.


I found a different brand that describes coconut cream as "dried coconut meat ground into a very fine powder, giving it a creamy consistency due to its high fat content." If it isn't pasteurized or hydrogenated and has no added sugar it should be pretty good for you.


Coconut water is also very healthy, great way to hydrate and has tons of potassium among other things. A lot of nutritionists compare it to natures version of Gatorade, but from a natural source, thus making it much healthier.


You can't go wrong with natural coconut food products. Too much science is behind it.


i have been mixing a can of coconut milk into my nightly smoothies the last few nights. tastes great and high in calories. Health wise, i dunno, high in saturated fat, but so is the 2lbs of ground beef i eat a day.


I don't know about coconut milk, but coconut cookies make predominantly from coconut shavings are DAMN good!


Not all saturated fats are created equal. These saturated fats found in coconut milk are MCT's. It's not your typical saturated fat.


Coconut cream tastes good, but the oil is much cheaper per gram of fat (lauric acid - which is the healthy part of it). It's up to you - buy a bunch of cans of the stuff for a buck each or buy one bit container for like $10.


Coconut oil is very good.