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How Does This First Cycle Sound?

Stats: 6’1
Training: 4 years
Weight: 185 lbs

Decided to change up my first cycle a little.
Week 1-10 500 mg test E
Week 11-12 off
Then Ill do 20mg/day of nolvadex for 6 weeks

How does my plan sound? Do you guys think I’ll need any Al?

Personally it sounds pretty on point.
You should have an AI just in case any gyno.
AROMASIN is widely used.

Make sure your diet is on point, also pin twice a week.

This was my PCT:
First 2 weeks NOLVA 2x 20MG tablet (28 tablets)
Third week 1x 20 MG Tablet (7 Tablets)
Fourth week 1/2 20 MG Tablet (3.5 Tablets)

In the week off you have if you could try and get HCG to start your testis up quicker.

Thank you. I have an al on hand but I only take it if I start to notice Gyno correct if not I don’t need it. If I start to notice Gyno how long should I take it for and what dose?

Advice to take 12.5mg EOD and 40mg nolva ed until the gyno disappears. Then drop nolva and continue with aromasim.
If you notice signs of gyno itchy/puffy nipples.
Don’t leave these warning signs unattended as they could cause permanent damage and might need surgery to reverse the affects.

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