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How do you know if calories are too low or high?


I’ve been on a cutting diet for a few months now. Bodyweight is stuck at 175lbs. My Bf% doesnt seem to be changing either, based on my Fattrack II measurements. I’m doing cardio after weights, at about 85% V02 max, 4-6 days a week. Using MAG-10 in the a.m, 2x3 Old T-2, 2x3 MD6, about 50 grams of carbs/day (mostly post workout), fish oil caps, and minimum of 1 gm of Protein/per lb of bodyweight. I don’t know if my calories are too low or high, or whether my metabolism has just shut down from dieting. Shouldn’t the old T-2 and Md6 keep it elevated and burning calories? My body simply refuses to change. I’m not getting any stronger from week to week, but I’m not getting weaker either. I assume I’m not losing LBM since my scale weight is not changing, but I’m not losing fat either it seems. How in the hell can my body not be changing? I work my nuts off at the gym, and nothing seems to be happening anymore. Should I cut calories even more? Force myself to do AM cardio b4 eating? HELP!!

Ok bro, you need to count your calories, bottom line. Try dropping your carbs a little more and stop dropping them lower when you feel yourself going into ketosis. For cardio, don’t do cardio immediately after your lifting, because your muscles need protein so they won’t start eating themselves away. Don’t do cardio until at least four hours after you have finished lifting, or lift in the morning and cardio at night or vice versa. Hope that helps you out!