How Do You Cycle Protein?

Here is the only article Ive been able to find (its old)–

I asked a question about protein cycling in CTs cell but unfortunatly didnt get a responce from him, one guy did reply saying he believed CT said in a confronce that he does drop his levels to around 70g once a week but couldnt really remember.

so im bringing my question to you guys…anyone here cycle protein? if so how do you go about doing it? all within a week or drop it weekly like in the article.

Also anyone know of any other articles around here on this subject?

Thanks in advanced.


I don’t protein cycle. I look at what the “best” do when I want a result. The bigger, stronger guys don’t protein cycle or make nearly anything they do as complicated as CT does. They eat big and often when they want to grow and eat less when they want to lean out. Whats wrong with whats been working for the last 50 years?

The subject is much to preliminary; the theory CT proposed, to my recollection, is to have a day once a week where you had the minimum physiological amount needed (70g-ish) then return to normal.

However, this was brought up after protein PULSING in an effort to keep the efficacy of the PULSE; Having a low protein day without pulsing in your routine may not confer much benefits.

But once again, really preliminary stuff, if you’re not following CT’s protocol, with the pulses, to a T then I would suggest just ignoring the low protein day until more evidence arises.

It is an interesting topic though.