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How Could I Work In Sprints

Spring training for football is coming around in about 2 months and throught the offseason ive encreased my strength a lot going from a 250 squat to 335, 175 bench to 235 and 225 dead lift to 315. I also put on about 35 pounds mostly muscle but a fair amount of fat also. I am worried that i lost a lot of speed seeing how i havn’t ran sprints in a long time or even done any cardio. My current routine looks likes this

Monday: ME bench press
Wedensday: ME squat/Dead lift
Friday: DE bench press
Sunday: DE squat

I am hoping to do sprints 2 times a week, but not sure about were to put them into this program. I would like to mantian a weigth of 190-200(currently 195)
Im 15 years old and 5’7

At your age, maximal strength will still be a big determiner in your overall speed. Continue to hit that, but you can definitly add in short sprint training. I would do it on the same day as ME lifting (either lift in the morning and sprint in the afternoon or vice versa). Check out the Westside for Skinny Bastards TWO article because it has some good ideas on how to incorporate energy systems work. If you still need more help come back and ask some more specific stuff.

Not 24 hours before your ME squat workout. that would interfere with your ability to really push some weight, and I wouldn’t sprint on DE squat days at all, unless you particularly like puking up your guts. that give you 5 days to choose from. on a side note, are you doing glute/ham raises on either of your squat days? best thing you can do to cut down your 40.

I think im just gonna do them early in the morning on my upper body days, im going to follow the westside skinny bastards running program.

I am doing glue ham raises on both my ME and DE squat days, but my gym doesn’t have the machine i just put my legs under a part in the squat rack to hold me down, i have to give a little presh with my upper body to get myself up though.