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Hip Instability

Okay, whenever I perform a unilateral movement… ie: lunge, split squat, single leg hip thrust…my left leg is stable and strong. …I can do single leg squats( pistol squats) with quite a bit of resistance…but when I try to do them on my right leg I can’t even control the negative, I just fall to the floor as soon as I begin to go down…its like my right hip can’t apply any resistance at all. Also when I spent I can feel my right hip drop out and it feele extremely unstable…I can’t jump off my right leg either…I also noticed my knee caves in on the right side when performing unilateral work. I’ve stopped doing anything unilateral for months and I tried lunging today and felt the same issue…what do you guys think is wrong with it? Its really stalling my progress.

See a sports doctor and get it sorted out. Even if somebody on here is trained to fix this they can’t do an exam on your hip through the internet.

ive always had this kind of trouble with lunges/1-legged squats. Try doing very high-box step-ups. they have done wonders for me for mobility and hip/quad strength as a 3rd movement.