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Hilarious Pride Fight Video


I just saw this on TV (had it DVR'ed from a while ago) and had a good chuckle. It just goes to show that no matter how much time you spend in the weight room, its no replacement for time in the ring in MMA.


The stare down just cracks me up. Aleksander just knows hes going to whip this guys ass, seems bored by the task, and looks half drunk doing it. Emelianenko has some mad quick hands, and sparring with the world champ might help :). To Thompson's credit, he has drastically improved since this fight.


Thompson may have improved since that fight, but he hasn't been tested by anybody that is anywhere near Alex's level.

I don't consider ko'ing cans and newcomers to be a big deal at all. DSE seems to want to market him, and until they change their minds he'll keep winning. He is not a top 10 heavyweight, and will never be.

If you downloaded Shockwave, you have to agree that Giant Silva is a total joke, and should never be allowed into Pride again.
If you bought it, you missed out on that fight and four others, including Alex E.'s exciting match-up with Nastula, who is quick to gas but obviously talented.


U got that shit right. I've seen a 58 yr old preacher put two dudes half his age in the freakin hospital w/ a broken jaw and a broken collarbone AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME!!!!


It didn't hurt the old man wears a size 21 ring, has 11in wrists and 17in arms and NEVER lifted a weight in his life. Badass muthafucka...maybe he's a schnook..eh?


That was fucking HILARIOUS


The funniest thing is after all that he lost. Suprising, he looked in so much better shape than the other guy.


Yea, Silva makes me want to barf. I hadn't seen any more Thompson fights, I was just going on his record since that fight. Looking at who he beat, you are right on with your assesment. Bunch of nobodies. Japanese culture seems to have a wierd fetish for giant guys (sumo, Bob Sapp, etc.). But yea, Alex and Fedor are both incredible. There is a great video somewhere of Alex and Fedor in a Sambo fight. It's hard to appreciate what a big guy Alex is until you see how he towers over Fedor.


Good clip, thanks for posting it.


Yeah seriously. I dont follow pride fighting, but that guy thompson looks like an absolute fuckin monster.

Thats the type of physique I want, too bad I'm nowhere near as tall as he is.


IIRC the A. Emelianenko vs. Thompson fight was Thompson's first in Pride, so it isn't too far out of the bounds of reason to say that it's his first big fight and his other fights were against "nobodies."

We all gotta start somewhere though.

The Fedor/Zuluzinho match was almost as ridiculous a matchup as Thompson/Silva though. 'Zinho's got a future ahead of him, but shouldn't have been thrown to the big guy like that.