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HIIT and Bulking

I have a question about using HIIT while bulking. Currently I’m about 5’9’’ and about 175 lbs. I think my BF is around 12-15% but I haven’t checked in a while. I store fat very easily. I’m still trying to add more mass, but I really don’t want my BF to get any higher than this.

Does doing HIIT while NOT on a calorie deficit (since I’m still gaining) still help with fat loss? I try to do sprints or bike intervals 3 times per week.

I basically want to know if a combination of lifting heavy and doing some HIIT is the best option for my goals or whether I should just do the HIIT for a few weeks with a calorie dieficit to get my BF lower and then start bulking again.

There’s no problem with doing HIIT and bulking at the same time. In fact, I would recommend it if you want to fend off the excess body fat normally accompanied with bulking.