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High E2 Symptoms

Hi Lads,

So as the title suggests I have all the symptoms of high e2 (bloated,lack motivation,bags under eyes,ed)but due a blood test today .
I have some armidex on hand so tempted to take 0.25mg after blood work-any thoughts on this??
My current protocol is 60mg prop over 3 days.
No AI or HCG as just started 3 months ago and wanted to see if needed or not(controversial I know lol)
My Estriadol is naturally low(12.5ngl)but after 2 months went to 20ngl-still low end but was already feeling tired/irritable -now a month on I feel it has gone up more.
Sooooo to AI or not to AI that is the question…

I would wait for the results. Better to be sure than to tank your E2. Whats a few days anyway?

Thanks for the advice buddy-everywhere is snowed in at the moment in uk-including the bloods department in hospital-so my bloods been cancelled.
Tbh I took 0.25 adex and boosted my test to my old dose (33mg) and feel so much better already -weird right?lol
Just online ordering a mail order blood testing kit but realise my results are now skewed-thing is I felt waiting an unknown amount of time for weather to sort itself was a bit much.

I have heard of quick results from anastrozole so not that weird. Some might argue placebo but if you feel better how can you really argue.

I mean if you continue to take .25 AI with your shots and then get your bloods done you will know how its working. You won’t know your true E2 level but so loose math can tell you were it might be.

Think 0.25mg is about the right dose say 3x p/w?
Just I’ve read some people saying it’s the sort of dose of a steroid cycle as opposed to trt…

Im no expert as I only recently dipped my toes into the anastrozole pool. I had E2 come back high so am starting to dose .5mg twice a week at time of injection. I took a .375mg does on Wed and today is shot day. I think the does really depends on how you respond to it. Ive seen people say anywhere from .0125mg a week to 1mg a week. KSMan recommends 1mg a week divided in doses at time of shot: TRT: Protocol for Injections

Jeese!0.125mg?! How do you even cut them tabs so accurate?:joy: