High E2, Low Free/Total T. Doctors Keep Saying It's Alright

Hi.Im 21 years old and been trying to gain muscle however i can’t.Instead of trying to get doctors test me i want to private lab and have these 3 tested.Went to three doctors and they all said my levels are just fine.I did lots of reseach on these hormones and levels,and I believe my levels are even equal to 60 years olds and maybe lower.I thought of aromatase and began arimidex ( its without prescription in my country).But I think its bad to start without knowing exact problem and tis site is full of people who knows alot about hormones.
My question is are my levels alright or is there a problem?
As I said I have hard time gaining muscle and depression-anxiety.
Btw Im not on hormones-never been on cycle or had T injection.

E2- 39.16 pg/mL 7,63 - 42,6
Total t- 4.50 ng/mL 2,49 - 8,36
Free t- 14.69 pg/ml 8.69 - 54.69

You might take a few drops of an AI every other day to lower E2, and that would likely raise your freeT. You may be naturally estrogen dominant. I don’t think you would be a candidate for TRT with your current age and numbers.

Just be careful with AI because you can crash E2 which can be just as bad or worse than lowT.

No mention of diet and workout program…

Its hard to comment without the full recommended lab panels. Based on what your submitted you’re normal. Yeah, we would all like to have super hero genetics but that’s what you were given.

  • 0.5 mg anastrozole per week in divided doses
    - you should feel better in one week
  • if you crash, you are an anastrozole over-responder and will need to take 1/8th mg/week
  • you may need to make a solution, 1mg/ml and count drops per ml with a dropper bottle

Low E2 can make you feel bad. Do not make fast changes to E2 dosing as it takes a week for the drug to reach final levels inside your body. If you take too much, stop for 5-6 days and start over.

E2 is elevated because your liver is not clearing E2 properly. That can be from drugs, Rx or OTC that interfere with E2 clearance. Liver tests AST/ALT can be useful. Some illnesses can affect liver.

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fasting cholesterol - can be too low
fasting glucose
fT4 -please not T3, T4
DHEA-S - do not test DHEA

Low thyroid function can mess with other hormones.
Not using iodized salt can mess with thyroid function.

Where are you located?

Your E2 levels are high enough to spoil TRT with TT=1000.
You are very estrogen dominant.
Hopefully lowering E2 will allow T levels to improve.
SHBG may be quite high from E2, and SHBG will probably improve, but slowly.