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Hi There Old Farts


As of yesterday I'm now entitled to post on this part of the forum... sigh...

A little depressing, but my gf is hot and 25. I'm relying on her and the training to keep me young!


Your girlfriend doesn't even like you, man. She just thinks you have money. You only have 4 more years until, actuarily, your life is halfway over.

Welcome to the club, buddy. FYI we try to do most of our posting before the old fart buffet opens at the Sizzler. That's around 4:00 p.m. CDT.

Oh - and keep the noise down. A lot of us are nappers.


The best path of this fothum is that you can poth with your thenthures outh. That feels so futhin' goodth.



Welcome to cueball city. Hey guys who borrowed my Icy-Hot?? Return the Icy-Hot.


Deano, you are a very cool intelligent dude. I always enjoy reading your view on things. Happy belated B-Day and keep a seat for me huh? I'll be there in November.


Welcome to the club! Been in it two years now and feel great. I'll age kicking and screaming, that's for sure.

We need a secret hand shake or something.



Thanks for the love, fellas.

Elk, (e-hater!) keep fighting the good fight, dude.

Rainjack, this won't stop me going toe-to-toe with you on politics occasionally! I like your no BS style of addressing most topics, though.

I'm bald and gray, but I'm yoked.


It's not a bald spot. It's a solar panel for a sex machine." - Benjamin Franklin


Old farts are like aged wine=Better quality


Don't know about the Icy-hot, but I've got your Aspercreme tube if you want it back.

Geritol Rocks,


Dammit, I thought I left that somewhere. Now, where's my anusol? Last I remember you borrowed it.


That was your mistake. Never lend anusol. No one likes to buy that stuff. It's a shame I know what you're talking about.



Ha,ha, as of the 8th, I'm 53 instead of 35. Your only as old as you want to be. I'm 53 and squatting close to 300 for now soon 400 (gotta keep a goal in focus). Last weekend I worked 45 hours between Friday morning and Sunday night. Its not depressing, its uplifting. Your finally getting to the focused part of your life.




Hi There Young Buck,

Hey, isn't that the name of some hip-hop idiot, or rap crap guy?