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Help with Eggs

OK, this is going to sound like a funny
question, but it’s a sincere question: Has
anyone figured out a solution to the gas
caused from eating eggs? Eggs are the only
protein source that cause me this problem,
and I’m not sure why. I vaguely remember
reading something a while ago about how there
is something in eggs that makes them hard to
digest, hence the gas. So has anyone come up
with a way to prevent or minimize this effect?
Much thanks.

Solution = do not eat eggs.

Eggs do not cause me ANY gas…


It’s the sulfur in the eggs…no solution that I know of

How about the problems of carbs causing gas…this is one reason I am almost always on a low carb diet. The gas is unbearable.

I suspected someone was going to give me the
common sense approach (ie don’t eat eggs). I
started eating them b/c they are a good source
of cholesterol. There was a reason I was
eating them … I guess I just won’t eat them
anymore - and find another source of

Maclar, as far as I know, sulfur is not a compound that produces digestive disturbances in people. If you tolerate glucosamine sulfate well, for example, then sulfur is not an issues as it is a principle ingredient in that supplement. Not to mention most mineral waters, which have a fair share of sulfur in them, among other things.

Free, I’m sure that you’ve tried the various digestive aids after following all your very intelligent posts for the last 9 months or so. Have you tried supplementing with hydrochloric acid tablets when you eat eggs? It’s just an idea, but if the gut is under stress of one kind or another, protein digestion may be compromised. You might also need to improve your intestinal flora for the same reason, and HCl with a lactobacillus supplement could be helpful this way. Also, are your eggs cooked when you eat them, and how? Raw eggs contain Avidin, which can cause some problems in people who have a sensitivity that way. They can also block absorption of a couple of b-vitmains in the gut, which can put you in a position, over time, of not being able
to produce HCl in the stomach because of a b-vit deficiency.

Or, you might have an allergy to eggs. Hope not, as that would be a bummer.

Greg D: Thanks for the info. I’ve tried the
digestive enzymes and flora (acidophilous &
bifidus) with no solution. I haven’t tried
the Hcl tablets. I’ve tried eating the eggs
cooked (every which way) and raw - no
difference. I’m kind of planning on giving
them up, as I can’t tolerate the smell … but
damn, that cholesterol does good things for
me… Before I give up eggs entirely, I’ll try
eating just a few of the yolks for the
cholesterol, and avoiding the albumen, getting
my protein from other sources and see if that
solves the problem.

Greg sounds right on with his info but if that doesn’t seem to work I’ll mention charcoal. It works very well for me. It’s really cheap and worth a try although be sure that you do not take it with any other supplements as it will absorb them. Good luck.

Yes the sulfur in the eggs causes gas but how you cook them directly effects how concentrated the sulfur is in the eggs. If you are hard boiling your eggs that will yield the highest amount of sulfur concentration in the eggs and cause more gas. So if you are going to still eat them I suggest cooking them another way.

ekul, if you’re having gas problems with carbs, there’s a good chance you have a fungal overgrowth of some sort. It might be worth going extreme low-carb for a few months and maybe supplementing with some caprylic acid if the overgrowth is candidiasis. If you don’t want to just throw yourself into it, I’d find a doc who believes in candidiasis and ask to have the blood work done. A lot of people claim that the condition doesn’t exist, but I’ve seen plenty of people get tests back that showed positive results whose gas went away after changing diet and supplementing. I hear that lots of people also get nagging joint and acne cleared up, but I’ve never seen that first-hand.

Take Beano. That stuff works great! And personally, everything I eat gives me gas. I eat probably 300g protein a day and I am fartin non-stop. I love it b/c when I am busy and being bothered I jsut let loose. No one will bug me for 20 mins.

Free: I hope just eating the yolks will work for you. Best of luck.

Ripped: You really ought to try some HCl tablets along with your protein. If you really are eating that much protein during the day (and I don’t doubt you are), you are probably putting yourself into gastric distress and not digesting your food adequately. Most people get that kind of gas when food is not well digested; force feeding can bring about this condition. The undigested parts get passed into the large intestine without being absorbed, and the putrefactive bacteria in the colon have a field day feasting on the undigested nutrients. Of course, the major byproduct of their feasting is methane and sulfur compunds, aka swamp gas.

You ought to try HCl for that reason, and also because you are probably not digesting all the proteins you are eating. Why waste the money? If you try this, though, do it just with food, not with MRPs or PPs. They generally require much less digestion than food. Take the tablets with a meal, and don't get the enteric coated HCl tablets. They can pass through the stomach without dissolving and give you a duodenal ulcer.

Greg D. Why do you think I don’t eat 300g Protein a day? I weight 260. If I ate 1.5g/lbs that would mean I would have to eat 390g a day. 300g is not that much. Hell I get 270g just from Protein shakes and MRP’s. if you doubt I eat that much why don’t you pay my grocery bill next month for me?

He said, “don’t doubt,” as in he doesn’t doubt that you are. Or, for the mathamatically inclined -1 * -1 = 1 :slight_smile:

Gotta love the good 'ole confusing english language. Nothing like not using a double negative when you don't mean to not un-confuse a person who isn't not paying attention.

And, on the topic of eggs and farting, I tried Twinlab's Egg Fuel, and not only is it the most disgusting shit I've ever tasted, but good god am I farting like a mother. I actually kinda like the smell, but no one else seems to.

Greg D., are these HCI tablets available over the counter and where would I find them? Thanks.

Jeff, dude, I was laughing outloud!

Mostly Solution: I’ve tried eating just the
yolks, and that seems to reduce the problem
by about 80%. In other words, enough to make
it tolerable. I have to eat them raw though,
cause if I cook them, the problem is still
too great. Try mixing in 1 or 2 raw egg yolks
with your whey/milk/casein protein powder -
it works really well; it makes it thicker
and richer. Good stuff. Thanks for all who
replied with suggestions.

Not only will raw egg yolks make your MRP or protein powder thicker and richer, they will also laden it in salmonilla (sp?). There’s a wealth of info on this out there, and I’ve read eggs are supposed to start coming with warning labels saying you shouldn’t prepare them sunny side up or over easy.

If I were you I'd learn to live with the smell. Am I the only one who gets a great feeling of pride knowing that something that came from my body has the ability to clear a room full of people?

Sorry Jeff, I have to disagree. I’ve been
eating raw animal food (beef, fish, poultry,
eggs, etc) for years, and I have NEVER ONCE
gotten food poisening - and my health has
greatly improved as a result. Maybe I just
have a mutant stomach, but I doubt it.

you can try to eat raw meat and eggs if you wish but it is definately a risk… There are often (although much less than 1/2) salminella in chicken and eggs… beef can have this too but Ecoli from pheces is a big concern (remember Jack in the Box 6 years ago), most Fish as long as you trust your source, you can eat raw. NEVER eat RAW PORK!

personally i cook my food

Free whatever made you start eating raw meat(you beast), what quantities are you talking?and why dont you just carry matches with you after consuming eggs? are you eating commercial eggs or free range.Have you read Udos fats book?