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Help with Cycle Please - Thanks


So I'm doing a test/dbol cycle

5weeks 50mg dbol/day
10 weeksTest e 250 (500mg/week)
Nolva 40mg first 2 days, 20mg 12 days
Arimidex (on hand for GYNO)

I have mdrol on hand I want to use and also armistane (finaflex pct black)

Any thoughts on this?

Maybe taking pct finaflex once a day after dbol is done and last 4 weeks of my test cycle throw in mdrol and run it for 4 weeks 20-40mg/day?

Also, thoughts on peptides? IGF , GHRP ?!? Not sure if I should invest for maybe post cycle!? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Used anadrol once and mdrol twice in the past really small cycles no more than 2 weeks.





thanks, i'll repost it. sorry for any inconvenience.


No don't repost it in the beginner's forum... you're 6' and 175 lbs, you need to learn to train and eat instead of trying to use gear to patch up your apparent faults in these areas.




If you expect roids to do the work for you, you will just end up carrying extra water around for 3 months. Then you will be shut down and probably even end up losing some of the muscle you currently have.

It's a pretty dumb thing to do. Go get your diet and training in order first.


Ok sounds good, thanks for the advice!


You should be able to get to 190 lbs atLEAST pretty easily without the use of drugs


you wanna do a 10 week cycle, and assume that 14 days of PCT is sufficient? why?!?


I was like 170lbs when I started. Tee hee hee. I'm naughty.


lol yeah not saying he shouldnt, just that making gains is easy without drugs. i think we can all agree that alot guys seem to think that the weight there at is just there genetics and they cant do any better with out them magical vials of oil