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Help with a Prank!

As the title describes, I need a little help with a prank.

Two friends of mine run a small business. One skipped off out of town for a week, sticking the other with manning the shop. This wouldn’t be so bad, but it conflicted with my other friends plan to head out of town for a few days.

The Prank- Unbeknownst to ole’ Skippy, his bike is now up for bid on e-bay. It is listed way over value and no one in their right mind would actually buy it for that much. Selling it is not the point, because tomorrow I am going to send him a text with a link to it asking him why he didn’t let me know he was selling it (which we have discussed in the past).

I would like all of your help in bidding. Shameless, down and dirty, just plain rude bidding, so that he can obsessively watch the offers of $2.35 roll in on his vacation.

It has not been decided yet, but we may also hide the bike and try to convince him when he gets back that auctioning it was his idea. We’re still collaborating on that, but it seems likely that we will.

Link to the item- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Venerable-Canondale-Adventure-/272432159196?hash=item3f6e38d9dc:g:fm8AAOSwHMJYFkEe

Thank you in advance. Pink sparkley tassels not included.

I offered to take it off his hands for $35.

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It’s been so long since I have been on eBay, I couldn’t sign in…lol
Will try again later.

Or say his bike was stolen and being held for ransom and have a big fat hairy ass , sitting on it sideways, and another guys dressed like isil with i giant sledge hammer standing by it.