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Help my form...

I think my front deltoids are growing even though I am not really working them outside of my chest movements. They are growing so much so that I think my form must be lacking in my pressing movements. My chest never seems to grow but my front deltoids get really out of proportion(to my chest). And to be quite honest my pressing movements have always been kind of wimpy because of this. Is this a common problem and if so what can I do to remedy the situation?

On another note I am noticing that my biceps are growing more towards the interior vs the anerior. In other words my biceps are bigger to the torso side vs the outside of my arm. They are pretty wide(for me) but are not growing tall. Is there something I can do to change this around?


Neato, everyone is different when it comes to development and muscle insertion points, and also genetics. you can’t change what shape you muscles are really that all depends on genetics and muscle insertion points. What you can do though as in the case of you chest problem is to take the front delts out of the exercise by doing something different that targets the chest and not the delts so much. like flyes and crossovers. I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

Also do as much rowing and back work as you do chest and bench work so you dont get any imbalances(btw the appearance that your front delts are growing could be a muscle imbalance pulling the shoulders forward making them appear to be growing when they are not.

Also if you have gyno like you said you thought you did you be able to see any muscle growth in your chest cause the gyno wont go away itll just push the tissue out farther making it look much worse.

Hope this helps


Neato, when you bench do you pinch your scapula together before you unrack? This shoud help open your chest up

When you bench, it sounds like you are using a wide grip. This is fine if low rep max pwr output is your goal, but sucks for building size and shape because it puts more stress in the shoulder. Try moving your hands in and drive your shoulders in to the bench as you move the bar up.many new trainees tend to roll their shoulders up when the bar gets heavy. That alone will overwork the front delt.

as for bis, maybe just shape, but I bet you use a wider-than-shoulder grip when curling, or you let your elbows travel away from your sides. Both will generate more pwr, but won’t help overall bicep growth. One of my favorite exercises is extreme close grip curls as a finish movement. put your hands almost together on a short str8 bar from the low pulley, squeeeeeeze as hard as possible the raise the stack- med rep range. You won’t feel a more intense burn in bis.

There is probably nothing wrong with your form on pressing movements. If you want to work them less and the pecs more, switch to dumbell bench press, and maybe dips too.

Thanks for the replies. I do use a fairly wide grip on my barbell style presses. So I will try and narrow them a bit. I do throw in dumbell work quite a bit but I still use a wide motion when doing them.

As for the Bi’s I noticed the other night that when doing dumbell curls if I turn my arms such that the dumbells are to the side of my body when curling vs to the front of my body that I get a great deal more work on the anterior portion of the biceps.

Thanks for the feedback. I figured it had something to do with form. Just wasn’t sure what it was…


I do a medium grip on the bench press. This causes my arms to be forced all the way back in the negative posistion on the movement. Not only does this give me a great stretch but it also takes my shoulders out of the equation quite a bit. I also concur with the suggestion to work your back more. If your back is getting enough work it will pull your shoulder blades together in the movement. It actually stabalizes the bar a lot more when this happens. Lastly I do reverse close grip preacher curls with an EZ bar. This has caused the end of the bicep to “split” and add width to the outer side. All of this works for my body… it may not for yours. But it’s worth a try.