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Help from Experienced PH/AS Members


I've been a lurker on this site for quite some time now, a regular reader of nearly every article and some forums.
I have a few questions, and some are just personal opinion. dont be a douch and get all pissy telling me im too young for any sort of PH or AS. SO, i have been lifting since i was 15 i got sent to a bootcamp out of juvi, it honestly turned my life around, just lifting period believe it or not. I love it. WHen i was 17 i got a gaspari package deal and it came with Nolvadex xt the anti armatose for free.

I didnt really think about it and cycled it. I felt my testosterone peak i really can say its amazing. since then i've realized what harm it could have possibly done to me, in my growth.. and my endocrine system in general. I do have a fear that my T levels are below what they should be due to that, but i have no evidence supporting it.

5'10" 175-180lbs and a cut six pack. I can say that most 19 year old guys are lifting to get to MY BODYTYPE AND PHYSIC (fizzeek - you know what im trying to say im just too lazy to google the word)
You can call me greedy, but i just want more. I couldnt give a shit about how my abs look, i just like packing on size. And i can tell when my T levels are higher. its more about the testosterone ego and aggression that i love.

Since my anti armatose experience at 17 (which i gained about 10lbs, then lost it) i have only fucked with terribulis and CYROTEST - which i got the whole bottle for free, did jack shit but make my balls a little swole, not painful, just bigger. Two main questions for experienced guys out there:

  1. Are there legitimate websites that sell the good stuff? Or certain people over the internet. I have $ its not a problem, i just dont want shitty stuff.

  2. Have you heard of R A Anabolic technology, or RaW Stack?

heres whats going through my mind, correct me if i'm wrong:

I'm 19, my T is still high, and i dont want to screw anything up..
Prohormones are real bad on your liver...
AAS are much cleaner - I would prefer them over anything..
I havent really much experience with anything though, period. PH or AS...
I eat a shitload of food, being in my first yr of college, but i have not set up a real meal plan yet... partly why i loose my gains as fast as i put em on (fast metabolism)

Now i'm just going on and on, but for you might possibly be interested in helping a young lifter that was once like you keep reading...

Does this Alpha Male ACUTALLY WORK? will i feel it? its all natural, not saying i want something thats super methalated with tons of chemicals and toxins... but you know what i mean...

Are there Milder Prohormones that you would recommend? 13-ethyl and things of that relm seem promising, yet safe... and its not really about the 'safety'.. more the "i dont want to fuck up my T levels and chemically castrate myself"... but they do go hand and hand. Meaning, my liver can take it, becoming a woman i can't. ANy suggestions for my aim.. Muscle, bulking etc.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Are there any REAL proven facts and statistics that link using steroids under say 21-23 yrs will harm anything. Like lower than avarage T levels... Balls not maturing or recovering properly. I know i probably forgot a question but thanks for any feedback


i just want to add that yes, i know im a newb, and i dont know much. but its a very broad, yet simple question in general.
a) Stay Natural
B) Prohormones (legal and easy to buy)
c) Just use the real shit if im going to resort to PH (which i hear from a lot of guys)

I'm not partying anymore cause im in college. I'm in Army ROTC and i do PT and lots of phycial shit. Plus I'm a daily Lifter. I can gain weight VERY easy, but unfortunatley i loose it just as quick if I skip a meal, or forget a protein shake etc and its very annoying.

I'm not asking anyone to teach me everything about steroids at all, its more of a personal question, because i know you guys have more experience with this. it seems to me that if so many pro bodybuilders started juicing at 15 and 16 and they seem fine, i would be too.

So its not a right or wrong answer, i want experienced advice. THank you


Most people are going to tell you to wait and fix your diet/training first, and this is really what you should do. There is no way you are losing muscle after skipping a single meal, thats just ridiculous. However, I'm only a few years older than you and know at 19 I wouldn't have listened, so I'd rather you get the straight scoop.

The "Novadex XT" you bought was a bunch of bunk powder that did absolutely nothing. The effects you saw were 100% placebo. Same with cryotest or whatever.

As a rule, anything you can buy OTC that claims to boost testosterone is a scam.

And yes, you can buy "the good stuff" online. This forum doesn't allow source discussion, but there are plenty of others that do. Just look around.

And before you go injecting yourself with shit you bought off the internet, do your homework and research proper PCT (post cycle therapy). Steroids can be used 100% safely, but if you don't do it right you risk screwing yourself up pretty badly.


1) This is not a source board.
2) No.

Honestly, you are not ready to use steroids in my opinion, and you do not present yourself as someone who is mature enough at 19 to make this kind of decision. You have not done enough research, you have also said that your diet is not adequate.

I want you to go away for a few months, fix your diet and training, do as much research as you can (start by reading through these forums, start with the stickies), then come back here and demonstrate you've learnt something. Steroids are not magic, you will lose all the gains you make with them if you aren't eating and training to support them.

If you want to be taken seriously, you're going to have to post your stats, and possibly pictures given the claims you've made.


Jesus christ


I have to disagree on this nolvadex , it may not have raised my T much but id definetly did something, and i wasnt even expecting it too!

Yes, i will definetly do my homework if i go that route. But a more direct question please: WOUld it be worse to use prohormones? my buddy is my exact hight and size but now he has 15 pounds on my from Dragon and some other shit. Thnks


For all intents and purposes, prohormones ARE steroids. 'Prohormone' is a bs word that companies use to market designer steroids as supplements. Some of these compounds aromatize and need an AI, some will shut you down and require PCT, some won't. These types of prohormones ARE REAL STEROIDS and aren't any "safer" than AAS like test,dbol,deca,tren.

The problem here is that there is very little real research on prohormones, most everything you can find on them is anecdotal. The FDA has cracked down on prohormones in recent years and banned a whole bunch of them, but companies keep churning out new compounds faster than the FDA can ban them.

The other issue with prohormones is liver toxicity. Because they are orals, the chemicals must first pass through your liver before they are delivered to your blood stream. The liver filters out a lot of it, making them much less potent than injectable AAS and much harder on your liver.

On the other hand, the "test boosters" you see at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe are formulas of tribulus, ZMA, tongkat and other stuff like that. These DO NOT work and are a scam. The Novadex you took (btw any product thats name closely mimics another well known compound is likely a scam) probably had Tribulus in it, which will make you feel horny but does nothing for your T levels.

In light of all that, Id say AAS are better than PH for the simple fact that if something goes wrong, you have a wealth of tried and true information available on the internet. With PH the research just isnt there.

But fix your diet first, you will lose whatever you gained with AAS if your diet/lifting isnt up to par.


No, and you will never see any. No one is ever going to approve shooting minors with a bunch of steroids just to see what happens. I know it may seem like you need to do this now, but it really isn't going to hurt you to wait a couple years.


Thanks guys, that actually did clear up a lot for me. I appreciate the help.

Today while in the Utah mountains running around on a busted ankle with my M16 while its snowing lol i realized that before i know it the time will come that I actually NEED more testosterone; my body will not be produceing enough. So i'm not going to get all worked up about it now

So now i'm very aimed at trying AlphaMale, and possibly animal Stak or Test. I'll be ordering them in t-minus around three hours from now, because i need to do other things.
If you have any better supplements to suggest, or experiece with alphamale please post.


Guess you could try DAA if you are set on taking something... lol


How about taking that money you were going to blow on Alpha Male, and using it to buy something that will help you more...

Like Metabolic Drive, or pretty much anything else. OTC test boosters ARE FUCKING FAKE, you have been told this 3-4 times now.

DAA does help mildly, but not drastically. Not enough to really effect gains. Like 42%... may be good for mens health in aging men with slightly low test, but that is all the use I can visualize.

The novadex was a placebo effect most likely.