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Help Constructing 2nd Cycle Please

Sup fellas,
I need a bit of input/advice for my second cycle. Here’s my first cycle, ran it about 2 yrs ago.
Wk 1-12 Test E 500mg/wk
Wk 10-14 Winny 50mg/ED
Standard Nolva PCT

On my first cycle I had no issues with sides or gyno, but I had a fair amount of water retention which isnt good as I’m a definite endomorph body type. That in mind, I was looking for my second cycle to be something more of a lean mass gainer, but not necessarily a cutting cycle. Ive heard that EQ gives you dense gains over the long term, even though they aren’t very drastic. Anyway, for the next cycle i’m not sure what i could stack with this:

Wk 1-14 EQ 600mg/wk

Ive got access to about 4 wks worth of Winny, some tren ace, and possibly some prop.
How could I work these in with the EQ to get some dense gains?
Thanks for your help

Since you have 0 experience with EQ and Tren I wouldnt suggest using them together for the first time. If you are looking for leanness have you considered/researched Tren A/Test P?


I will look into that thanks

Look into Turanabol for an oral. I would recommend test e for stacking with EQ. Test E with EQ is pretty mild, great second cycle. You could even throw in some dbol for the first four weeks also.

BMC, why wouldn’t you recommend EQ with no experience? It’s pretty typical to try EQ for a second cycle. Did you have a bad experience with it?

I didnt tell him to not use EQ. I told him dont use EQ & Tren together if he has no experience with either compound.


My bad BMC, I read through posts pretty fast sometimes. I gotta work on that.

I second BMC’s advice then.

I highly recommend test e/EQ for second cycle though.

No worries man. Lots of people do like the appetite building part of EQ, I just havent tried Tren yet and looking forward to my upcoming cycle of it so I’m a tad biased. Typically you can run the Test equal length as the EQ. I like that you have the dosage at 600mg because some people have noticed a minimal difference in anything lower. Min dosage I’d ever suggest would be 400mg. Friend of mine is doing something similar to this…

Wk 1-12 Test Prop 700mg/wk
Wk 1-12 EQ 600mg/wk

He’s still in the early weeks of the cycle so the EQ isnt fully kicked in otherwise I’d give ya some feedback. I dunno if I’d even bother with any orals. And I would def have some Adex and run it around .5mg ED throughout. This will help with your water retention problems you were having with your previous cycle.


[quote]BMC85 wrote:
I didnt tell him to not use EQ. I told him dont use EQ & Tren together if he has no experience with either compound.


So what is wrong with Eq and Tren then?

NOTHING. I never said anything was wrong with the idea… But I suggested if all he has done is one cycle of Test E I wouldnt add Tren and EQ in the next cycle if he has 0 experience with either compound. If he’s used Tren/EQ before then go ahead add em both in, but since he hasnt… I wouldnt suggest it. Plenty of people would agree.


I think if i can get ahold of some prop I’ll run something that looks like what ur friend is doing BMC.
Thank you guys so much for your advice.

No problem.