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:)HELL YEAH WAR!!!!!!:)

I can’t believe it took us so long to invade Iraq. We should have done this much sooner. The sooner we start tapping the oils, the sooner our president and government officials can fatten their pockets. I just love it when the richer get richer. Hey, I’ll just be happy paying higher taxes for several years because of the money deficit we will be having soon. Already, many states have a deficit, meaning less money for school programs, less money for police and other government programs. Hey that sounds like fun. We will have more crime and stupider youth. Hell yeah party…woohoooo!!! Party on! You know I always believed the best way to get peace was to kill tons and tons of people and after it’s over the people who lost their mothers, fathers daughters, sons will be like “hell yeah, we are free even though we lost parts of our family. Who needs a mother anyways? Thanks for giving us freedom that I never really asked for.” Hell yeah party on…I am sooooooo pro-war. Oh lol this is so funny - we just admitted to using cluster bombs, but its ok…they are new cluster bombs that are more advanced. Who gives a shit when it comes to the rules set by the Geneva Convention when it comes to us? We are Americans and we god dammit can bend the rules.

However, on a serious note, I am very anti-war. Not because I am anti-patriotic. I love my people. I love my friends who are fighting over there for a war which has no point other than oil. 20-year olds fighting in a hot deadly desert. They should be getting laid. I believe you have to be very un-patriotic to be pro-war, to send young men to die and to suffer, to take a part of their lives away, to mess them up psychologically for life. And for what? Because the president claims that there are weapons of mass destruction, which we supplied. Could we have not waited for some real true facts from the UN inspector who urged for more time? we should and can still pull out… I believe that if the US had listened to the anti-war protests during the Vietnam War and had pulled back, there would have been thousands and thousands of living marines…

I can’t go through this again…I…I just can’t…

“If history is going to repeat itself I should think we can expect the same thing again”

~ Terry Venables

Daranos, that is an idiotic post. Yet another anti-war citizen who cannot present his/her argument in a civilized, rational manner. I could get into it and present you with undeniable facts but you will do what all the Anti-Bush, not anti-war, people do, just spin it into more bullshit propaganda. What about the people that lost their lives on 9/11? Didn’t they have mother, father, brothers, sisters, children, spouses? It’s fine to have an opinion but don’t be primitive about it. Grow up.

tyler 911 has nothing to do with the war. show me some sort of a prove. not alegations. give me prove of how many iraqi were involved in that horrible act. if you show me some hard facts how 911 has anything to do with the war i will support you 100% and follow bush blindly like you do. now if you will excuse me i have to go to burger king and get me some FRENCH fries lol…i might also go to ihope and try the new FRENCH toast they have.

HAHAHA you said “stupider youth” I don’t know if you meant that in a sarcastic way or what, but it made me think of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall Pt II: “We don’t need no education…”

Ok let me start by saying I’m sorry for my initial
reply to Tyler’s post…Unfortunately, his post was so
numbingly stupid I felt I had to get a little hammered
off of some French liquor, first. I’m feeling a little
more level headed right now, so here’s my real

moron. Nope…not a single one of the 9/11 hijackers
were from Iraq. What does 9/11 have anything to do
this war?? NOTHING. It is simply the excuse Bush feeds
to you over-zealous, gun-toting, illiterate shmucks.

Iraq is an already war-torn, broken country. From the
Gulf War to the continued sanctions (which, mind you,
only hurt the civilians), Iraq has been beat down and
exploited for oil. Make no mistake–Saddam Hussein,
Mr. “Axes of Evil” happens to just be a pawn of the US
Government. Right now the fool is pissing his pants
because he sees his former allies (ie-The US) have
turned on him. He is powerless, helpless. Do NOT tell
me he would fuckin bomb this country!! Saddam is
incapable of hurting our country…he acts tough but is
a pussy. Furthermore, He would NOT be in power there
if Bush and his cronies didn’t want him to be. Bush
merely needed an excuse to waltz in and colonize the
place. We are not the world’s police, and if we
are……shit we’re doing a god-awful job.

For example, anyone notice how North Korea’s psychotic
dictator, who has on a number of occasions openly
threatened the US and who, upon being asked to allow
US weapons inspectors in, gave Bush the finger?? How
is it we play diplomatic with him when he clearly
starves and brain-washes his people? Meanwhile, we’re
bombing the hell out of Iraq, a country with
impoverished people, emaciated children and whose
dictator, while being a menacing bastard, HAS complied
with US demands and allowed weapons inspectors WHO

On CNN, before the war, there was talk of
assassinating Saddam. However that idea was dismissed
and replaced with full-out war. The anchorman said
that it is simply not US policy to assassinate
people……Well then, is it US policy to carry out a war,
killing scores of civilians, calling it collateral
damage, when they could just as easily (and without as
much of tax payers’ money) shot down Saddam and his

You know something, I’m sure you’ll reply to this with
something as an inane and insipid as you did last
time….I don’t expect someone of your reduced intellect
to grasp what I’m discussing. As it is, I’m sure what
little brain you had has been filled to the brim with
Fox (hic) News propaganda…So don’t bother writing
back. Save your three remaining brain cells—you just
might need them, bagging groceries or flipping burgers
at McDonald’s the rest of your life.
god bless AMERICA :):):slight_smile:

Daranos, I did some homework for you, here is a list of some interesting links. I know its a lot, but if you’re going to have such strong opinions you might enjoy reading some other points of view. Who knows, you might learn something.









No more



You are un-patriotic. If you are American then I am ashamed of you. However, I do support your right to be completely wrong. You had better thank your lucky stars that we have courageous leaders. By the way, one vial of anthrax could kill everyone in Washington. He had 8,000 LITERS in 1998. From a true patriot, United States=Good Guys.

Daranos, it’s been shown that at least a few of the 9/11 pilots met with Hussein and his advisors about a year beforehand…right before they came to the United States. It’s very unfortunate that so many innocent people have to die for this cause, but to be quite honest, the number of Iraqi’s that will die from our bombs will only be a small percentage compared to the number that have died at Hussein’s hands. Also, on the bright side, the deficits that you speak of will be greatly offset by an upstart economy as long as the war isn’t dragged out entirely too long. War is never the “answer,” but sometimes it’s the only way.

  Come Monday, you know what Im gonna do? Im gonna walk in to Marine Staff Sergeant Callahan's office and im gonna sign the dotted line and take my oath to become a Marine.

  So have quite a few other T-men. Just look over past issues.
  You'll find them in the Marines, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs...

  We join because this is the life we want. We fully realize and understand the dangers of being any of the above. Still we do it.

  So please dont say its unpatriotic to send our young men overseas to fight Iraq. Come my time, you wont see me complaining about being deployed and whining about not getting laid while Im there.

  Im not even going to argue with you on the point you make that this is an oil war. Ive done so countless times before and quite frankly Ive grown extremly tired of hearing the same goddamn shit.

  I will say one final thing though. This is my stance: This is a very worthy war; I support Bush and our troops wholeheartedly; So do iraqi people.

  Money isnt the end all be all.
  Its true we've been experiencing an economic recession (which seems to be tapering off by the way). However, in the big scheme of things which is more important: Guarantee the safety of our children and our own by eliminating WMD in the hands of a brutal regime, which has killed more Muslims than anyone else on Earth, and continues to do so; Or sit tight at home, ignore whats happening in the world because for the following few months the economy will be stronger than it would otherwise have been? I choose the former.

   As for soldiers, casualties will always occur in any war. Still, and not to downplay any casualty of war, the casualty rate has been less than 1/5%. I would dare you to compare that to any sections of 250,000 people in the US and their respective death rate in automobile accidents - the majority of which occur 1) because of a drunk driver, 2) by teens and college aged persons (you know, because they're so busy getting laid - which is wonderfull mind you, Im just making my point).

  Being in the Marines or any other branch of the military is about something that you probably will never know - Respect, honor, Integrity. Its about pushing yourself even when you think you have nothing left to give, and then push some more. 

  Its being Grace under pressure. You know what that is? I wouldnt think so. I also know you wouldnt last one day should you be thrown out there in the desert in the same conditions our soldiers were - you dont have the resources, capabilities, and most importantly the discipline and guts to endure it. You'd also be nothing but a liability to the safety of our Real soldiers, whining and complaining about not getting laid, and carrying a survival kit which consists of a few model posters, hand lotion, and some paper tissues.

Guys, this is just another nut case that made his debut on the forum yesterday. I personally think it is one of the usual nut jobs that posted under a new name to make it look like there are more of them than there really are. Ignore these fruit cakes.

Speaking of IGNORE, Hey T-Mag, how about an IGNORE button on the forum so that we do not have to be besieged by some of these rodeo clowns? Then we can at least tune out some of the regular goofballs like Say whose only purpose in life is to agitate people. And, he can also tune me out. :slight_smile:

I think cluster bombs are really cool. They work really well. Heck we could have won this war with out sending a single person into Iraq. We could have just nuked them and that would be the end of it. So what’s your problem. You can’t stop it. I think the American military is magnificent. I am awed everyday not only at the militery and strategic might of the U.S. but also the kindness of the soldiers who are in danger. They choose to put themselves in harms way to aviod killing as many people as they can.
Iraq was going down sooner or later. History shows us that leaders sharing the same characteristics as Saddam Hussain are incredibly dangerous and the policy of appeasement only seeks to empower them and ultimately results in more lost lives. The more I see of Iraq the more I am confident we made the right decision. The President had balls. Something we have not seen in a long time. He made a decision and he followed it through. That is what a leader should do. Doing the right thing is not always popular, but it is always right.

Daranos, my boy, you are living in La-La land. You’ve answered yourself in that everyone sees the holes in your argument. By the way, jackass Democrats like Daschle and Kerry who can’t keep their mouths shut have basically killed their party over this war so you better get comfortable with Mr. Bush, because youre going to have another four years with him. Keep spinning the facts boy!Cheers!!

Hopefully you took the time to read some of those articles, I found them interesting. I kind of like this little gem:

Quoting Colin Powell:

When in England at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of empire building by George Bush.

He answered by saying that, “Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.”

It became very quiet in the room.

Daranos, can’t you come up with something new? Your just spouting off the same bullshit as all the other anti-war communists. It’s same bullshit thats been proven wrong time and time again.

thanks for all the comments. i am glad we are sharing are view points right or wrong. atlest we are men enough to talk about it rather than pretend it isnt happening. i just want you all too know that i am not hear to offend anyone i just like the flow my information. i am very conflicted and this helps me vent out. i love america with all my heart. i also want united states to grow past its bounderis i am for imperlisam but we can do this in a better way. i want other countires to love us not hate us. i want us and i have no doubt we will be a super power probley till the end of time god willing. we just dont need to kill people. im late for my pharmacy classes i will respond when i have time…im out

“Please do throw me in that brier patch mister wolf. please!”
Good work, Anderson.
More homework, watch Frontline on PBS, this week Tony Blair. Next week a certain Korean screw-ball.
Best of Luck.