Heavy Hangers for Bands & Chains

Heavy Hangers for Bands Chains

If you use chains or bands for accommodating resistance, you know what a pain they can be to adjust. These Heavy Hangers make it safe and easy.

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Holy cow what an excellent idea! This will really turn band training around.

@FlatsFarmer , check these out!


That is pretty cool, to have the bands anchored out of the way of the plates for easy access like that.

What lift might be fun with band-tension drop sets?

Oh I like the way you think.

Squats are the obvious choice to me. With reverse bands, you could do like the barrel lift in strongman: take a set of bands off each rep and let the weight get heavier and heavier.

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That sounds pretty cool.

Harder and harder lifts and even the lighter ones would still be heavy at the top. Tons of overload. Some kind of high density or something.

That just sounds like it would be good for all of Strongman, generally.

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