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Healthy BBing Pzza-BBQ TURKEY

Hey guys I have really gotten creative in the kitchen recently and have come up with an epic new concoction. I call it the Smoky Turkey mouth party.

To make two of the world famous STMP pizza’s you will need:

Red pesto-90g
Grated mature cheddar-60g
grated mozzerella-60g
HP BBQ smoked sauce-30g
Sunflower oil spray- 10 sprays on tray
Warbutons square white wraps- 2
Turkey steaks- 2 steaks
Garlic salt- 5 shakes
Mixed herbs- 5 shakes


I put my turkey on the George foreman first then put it over the red pesto but under the cheese, this way all the cheese goldens and bubbles on top rather than some bits not melting due to turkey messing up its groove.

When sliced

This type of stuff is great when losing fat. I’ve had at least one whole spaghetti squash daily for the last week.