HCL Test for IBD Sufferer?

Anyone know whether this could be dangerous to someone suffering from IBD? On Poliquin’s website it says it is not advised for anyone with peptic ulcers, which is obviously not the same, but still sounds suitably similar to be worth asking about. Advice/opinions much appreciated.

Sounds like a really bad idea to me. Though honestly I would run any dietary changes/supplements by your GI doc, some supplements can interact poorly with prescription meds.

Ye, it is frustrating. A lot of my reading on the subject suggests that a drastic lack of HCL can cause many of the issues surrounding leaky gut syndrome, and eventually IBD. That said, it sounded to me from the ulcerative, of ulcerative colitus, that at this point things might be too advanced for this to be a good idea.

The GI doctor was unaware of glutamine as having shown a positive effect in rebuilding stomach tissue/improving GI health. One of the other GI doctors ruled out diet as a factor in managing the condition, even though this is quite clearly not true. I don’t hold high hopes for getting anything useful out of them, beyond the latest drugs (humeira has been proscribed). With all due respect to the good doctors, like most professions, the vast majority of people occupying it seem to have the intellectual curiosity of a small pebble, and are seemingly reluctant to educate themselves in anything other than the latest pharmaceutical treatments, which have, as of yet, not succeeded in putting her into remission.