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Halodrol-50 Is No Longer Available


They thought that this had the same effect of Oral-Turinabol. I should have purchased some before it got banned. Anyways anybody interested read the article is just something that i thought was interesting…

Halodrol-50 is still available.Just google it.

ya i just bought 3 of them off ebay.

Well im headed to Ebay i did use the Oral Turinabol from BD it didnt have any side effects. The anabolic effect was not that compared to other orals. However im really interested in Halodrol-50

If I’m not mistaken, halodrol-50 is like a 1/4 dose of oral turinabol.

Wow well i guess i will just have to save my money and not try it then. I would not be satisfied with the results.