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Gugnir's Training Log


I have been lurking around the forums for quite a while so I decided it was time to start a training log. I have been lifting weights since high school, but it actual has been in the past year that I have properly learned to bench, squat and deadlift and weight train in general.
I also have just gotten over a bunch if nasty injuries being a minor tear in my right pectoral a lumbar strain an chronic hip knee and lower back pain. Needless to say I lost a considerable amount of strength. On the other hand I did maintain most of my muscle mass and it gave me time to work on my diet and body composition.

Best Lifts Pre injuries at about 195-200 pounds

Floor press 375x1
Close Grip BB 340x1 315x5
Incline BB 310x1
Deadlift standing on 4in box 465x1
Zercher Squat 385x1
Banded(purples) Box Squat 405x1
Pin Suspended GM's 365x4 this is the exercise which really started of all my back injuries

Right now I am at about 183-185 with considerable lower BF then at 200.
I am following a slightly modified WS4SB template.

Day1 ME upper body-I am using 5x5 right now due to the aforementioned pec injury
Day2 RM lower body 15 minutes of conditioning(this can vary between car pushing,interval training or calisthenics drills)
Day3 Active Rest
Day4 Active Rest
Day5 RM upper body
Day6 ME lower body 15 minutes of conditioning

Lower body ME exercises
4 in defict DL-I found numerous sets of singles works best for deads as I get fatigued quite quickly from them
BB squats-An exercise I neglected, I will be using a percentage based 5x5 program based off 425
which I hit awhile back at about 180 with a bum back
Zercher squats

Upper body ME exercises
Flat BB
Floor Press
CG bench press

thats it for now


5/18/09 BW 183 pounds

ME upper body

Floor press 45x10 x10 95x10 135x5 155x5 200x5 220x5 245x5 x5 x5
DB press 80x15 x10
DB row on incline bench 95x6 x6 x7 super setted with face pulls 100x12 x12 x12
Strict Seated DB curls 50x10 x8 x5
Pushdowns 210 x10 x10
rotator cuff 10x15 x15

This was decent workout. My back blew out again. I did medium whieght deads on Friday along with a chiropractor appointment. For the weekend the right side of my back felt off and I thought it was just from the chiro manipulations on Friday.But it looks as if I strained the whole right side from lower to mid back pretty bad.
I will be going to the PT as soon as possible. I guess it looks like a whole lot of single leg work and sled pulling for at least a month or more.



RM lower body

Dynamic Warm up-hips and glutes
Reverse DB lunges of of 3in box 90x8x8x8 one minute rest intervals I want the 100’s by the middle of next month
Hip Abductors 210x15x12x12
Leg Curl 160x12x12x12
DB Shrugs 110x12x12x12 five second hold at the end of each set

8 wind sprints on the treadmill 3incline 12.3mph
10 minutes steady rate on stepper

This was a good workout. I had little to no back pain, but only my left side got a pump while the right side felt dull and unresponsive.



RM Upper body

Warm up 5 min
Flat DB bench Press 90x12 x14 x10 x10
WG Chins BWx12 x10 x10 I did these with a 3 sec negative and stretch at the body to make them harder
Pull aparts x15 x15 x15
DB extension on decline 50x10 x10 x10 x10
Hammer Curls 50x12 x12
DB side laterals seated 40x8 x8 x8
Prehab and Stretching 10 min

Good Workout I think the 100,s are in my sights in the next month for the db press.


RM lower body

Dynamic warmup hips,glutes, etc about 10 min

Reverse Lunges of 4in block 90x10 x10 x10 1 min rest between each leg

Superset-Seated Leg Curls 170x15 x15
Leg Press wide and high stance 600x15x15
Cable crunches stackx15 x15 x15
DB Shrugs with 10 sec iso hold on each set 100x12 x12 x12

15 minutes of interval training


Feeder Workout

BB bench press 85 x15 x15 x15
HS row 40x15 x15 x15
Dog Birds x 1min x1min x 1min x1min
One leg squat left x12
Stretching 10 minutes upper and lower



ME Upper Body

Floor Press 205x5 230x5 250x5 x5 x7 -these were ridiculously easy so i am adding 10 pounds next time
Flat DB press 90x10 x10
HS Row 3platesx8 x8 x8 supersetted with Pull aparts x15 x15 x15
Concentration curls 40x10 x8 30x12
Pushdowns with rope attachment x20 x15
Prehab work x4

This workout was to easy. The HS row sucked and I will not be using it again, I aslo will be adding some more volume to my back training next time.


RM Lower Body

Reverse Lunges of 4 in box 90x12 x12 x12 -one minute intervals between each leg,these killed me
Leg Curls 185x15 x15 supersetted with Wide Stance Leg press 620x12 x12 -to easy have to increase
Hip Abductors 215x15 x15 x12
Abs x20 x20 x20
DB shrugs with 10sec iso holds x12 x12 x12
15 minutes interval training

The timed lunges were brutal which is good as I need to make up for not being able to squat or deadlift. I also think I will change the interval training to the treadmill to see how it goes.


sled draging 90x 100 yards
2 mile run in about 15 minutes

This killed my legs and I was shot afterword’s for about two hours. My weight has stayed the same at about 185 but I have been getting leaner. This may be from the carb cycling which has been working great for me.