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Growth Has Stagnated

hey everyone, i dont have any pics or anything so im just going to give some basic info of my size, and maybe youll just believe me because its not all that impressive…
10% bf
49in shoulders
43in chest
31in waist
38in hips
23in thighs
15.75 calves
16in arms…

these numbers were all measured by a personal trainer at my gym…i actually work at this gym and i now, i should just ask him for advice and all but–i have! his advice seems fine, i just wanted to post and see what else i could learn.

basically my goals are to get bigger, i dont want big to the point of custom made pants, but im thinking a solid 200lbs is the goal right now.

some current lift numbers are as follows…
friday last set of flat bench was 255lbx5reps, bent over rows 225lbs sets of 6-8 reps, squats im just learning to do hardcore ass to grass so im doing sets of 225x6 right now. i dont dead right now and havent for a couple of months but when i was regularly i was getting 365lbs for 5-6. (im not going to offend anyone by giving bi/tri maxes!)

as far as eating i think i eat pretty clean. i am a full time student and also full time at this gym, so when im not at school im at the gym so i always prepare my meals. i eat chicken or steak with rice 4-5 times a day. usually start the day with a Grow! shake (using two scoops) made with whole milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter added in.

as far as my servings for the chicken/steak and rice i usually measure it by grabbing a big handful of meat and at least two big handfuls of rice. (i pre-cut the chicken and the steak just to make it easier to take meals on the go, and yea taking handfuls of this stuff may be primative, but thats what im doing).

i think ive covered enough now to ask a question. i want to get bigger, no limits, 200lbs is what my goal is right now, but hell ill get as big as i can. i usually train alone, but im getting the big guys at the gym to push me through my workouts lately, so hopefully that will bring something…

anyway, im thinking of having a training program that is basically all compound movements and doing back/legs/chest-rest-back/legs/chest. my logic is that i want to hit these groups more than once a week, and id much rather people look at me and see how wide my back is than see how big my biceps are. there will be some things that i add in, like lateral raises, just because i love them, but am i ok training heavy and hard, with no specific shoulder/arm days?

i think im going to stop here, i feel like this is too long already, so ill just sum up. i have grown before- 152lbs starting college- 172lbs at the end of the year…im a junior now, and while my body composition has changed somewhat, ive only put on 8lbs past two years…

so i want to get bigger, i know that i can get bigger, and i know that there must be something that im not getting right, im just not sure what i should change. any advice or observations would be appriciated. and apologies in advance for no pics, but once again, you see the numbers arent too impressive or unrealistic, so you be the judge of whether or not you want to believe me. thanks everyone! -matt

You have just started squats.

This alone is going to aid in growth. If you have stopped gaining honestly you need to eat more.

Other than that yopur plan looks OK, doing the compound movements hitting everything twice a week. just be sure to eat for your goals. lift heavy and quality reps. and you should be golden. I really dont see the problem.

Do you want help designing or picking a program?? Need help with diet??

Fire aways bro. Other than I can just say dont over think it. Go Squats Benh, DL and Row followed by multi reps and sets of fork lifts and youll be golden…

Hope that helps,

Working major body parts multiple times a week like you are suggesting is probably a good thing to try. Also, it seems you eat too lean. You need to take in some fats from oils and some of it from the meat you eat. You may want to add oatmeal to your diet as well. Plus try gradually upping the portion of protein you eat at each meal. A handful doesn’t sound like much. you may want to eat two handfuls a meal.

Have a look at Chads TBT - As guy above mentioned you are hitting all bodyparts three times a week, it’s damn hard but certainly get’s your training out of a rut!

thanks guys. im sorry i dont remember who said it but i feel like i may be eating too clean. as far as a handful of steak for me its at least 10oz., should i be eating more than that in a meal? i was trying to stick to 30-40 grams of protein per meal as not to have too much protein and let it get wasted. i usually eat some burgers or something when i get home too or another Grow! shake with the peanut butter, just something before bed. everything is appriciated and everything is welcome, bring on the responses and help me bring on the bulk!