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Greens+ In Protein Shakes


I just started using Greens+ powder in my shakes about a month ago per Berardi's suggestion and I have to say, it's one of the most putrid liquids I've ever had to ingest. It's almost like ground nori with a hint of mint. Is there a more palatable alternative or am I just going to have to deal with the taste?


I never thought it was all that bad... tastes like some kind of fruit to me.


Three options:

  1. If none of masking ways described using the search funcion work, then move onto steps 2 or 3

  2. Buy the caps, they are sold in cap form.

  3. Buy a capper and cap the greens+ this will be a little messy and a big pain in the ass, but a lot less expensive most likely.


I agree it's not too good in a protein drink but have you ever tried it by itself in water? F'ing awful. So suck it up and do what you have to do.


I thought it was pretty good too. The Wild Berry Burst is even better.


if youre using it just to get your vegetables for that meal, try using spinach in the shake instead. good way to get your vegetables and you wont even taste it


I add a couple of frozen strawberries into my shakes and blend it all up. Looks really amazingly nasty, but I don't find that it tastes too bad. Not sure whether the taste of the strawberries is what helps or just if it makes the whole thing so cold you can't really taste anything anyway.


Don't be a girly man! (Deep Austrian Accent)


I find that putting Greens+ into my protein shakes makes the yogurt inside of them congeal, leaving them almost undrinkable. More of a texture problem than taste really. Though greens powders taste awful as well.


I didn't like green+ initially, but over time I've grown to like it (the plain version in the States). It's odd in certain shakes though, I'll give you that. If you do a search in google, look for nature's fare... it's out of Canada and they have some different greens+ flavors like cappuccino, apple, berry, natural tea, etc. I've tried the cappuccino and berry flavor... and the berry is by far my favorite... especially if you mix other fruit with it. The cappuccino is good if you want something like a mocha shake or something.

The initial prices may shock the hell out of the US consumer, but they do convert to US dollars... so it really isn't that bad. When you place your order, you should have it in about a week.



I enjoy the taste of my protein shakes (with yougurt\cottage cheese, peanut butter\olive oil, a banana etc.) too much to ruin it with the awful taste of powdered greens. What I do is, first thing in the morning, 8 oz of grape juice (good for a variety of reasons) and a serving of greens, and wash down 4 flameout capsules with it. The grape juice makes it less disgusting then any other mix I have tried and I still get to enjoy my shakes.


Does it taste similar to the greens+ bars they sell? Cuz i loved those things!


I bought a cheaper alternative just to try out from www.puritans.com just so i could try it out. the stuff tastes fine when i use it in a big shake. are you guys mixing it in small shakes? my shake usually has atleast 3 cups of water and 120 grams protein. I also add other stuff that you would think would make the shake taste bad, but it does not. laters pk


That is one big shake!


i make a megashake in the morning that usually has 160g protein and all these supps in it. 4 scoops Metabolic Drive 4 scoops whey isolate and 4 cups water. the stuff does not get thick, mixes well and stays good throughout the day. it is in and out of the refrigirator throughout the day. read my blog for more details. laters pk