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Got to Boast!

My daughter just went back to university and decided to sign up for the weight room. She was the only girl there and the other guys looked strangely at her. They all had to go through an induction lesson to prevent injury. First, show a deadlift. Second, the instructor had her show all the lifts as the beefcakes present were crap. Third, “How come you’re not bulging with muscles?” “Well, I’m a girl…” (Duh)

Looks like I taught her well…


Way to go dad, you have a right to be proud.
My daughter is only 6 but I have her doing push ups with me. She likes to show me her biceps and say “look how strong I am!” I can’t wait to get her in the gym when she gets older.

HA awesome!

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Boast away Dad…you’ve got reason to be proud!


Good for her and good for you too! Pretty soon nobody will be giving her strange looks. It doesn’t take long to be accepted as one of the gang. All she needs to do is work hard and the guys will forget she’s a girl when she’s under the bar. I speak from experience being the ‘first’ or the ‘only’ female in more than one sport.



I love that “duh” response part of it.

Reminds me of my daughter’s final in her weight training class. She often got a bit fatigued and left early in classes and her instructor wasn’t as appreciative of her intensity as perhaps he should have been.

She is sick, she shows up looking pretty pale anyway, starts knocking the reps out (they gave them a weight based on metrics, then graded them on reps). She eventually asked what the maximum number of reps was that she got credit for.

She was way over it, and they had trouble getting her through the rest of the lifts due to the amount of time she had spent on that set :wink: She got her A, the instructor paid a little better attention to intensity vs. time hanging out in the gym for at least a little while.

Good for your daughter and you dad.