Good Stretches for Tight Hips, Glute Med, Min?

Hello. My hips are really tight, as well as my glute med and min. It is starting to affect how vertical I come up on squats (e.g., I am favoring one side and coming up crooked). Also, anything that requires a vertical is coming a little crooked (such as Bulgarians). Any good stretches for me? Links to pictures would be even better. Thanks!!

Look up banded hip traction/distraction. This helped me the most.

What I’ve found is that the 90/90 stretch is helpful as is the piriformis stretch.


In the first picture the athlete pulls the left leg back causing a stretch in the piriformis. Hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds. As usual, get a good stretch but do not go to the point of pain. If you are grunting or holding your breath you have likely gone too far.

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