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Glute ham raises and reverse hyper extensions


My gym has neither of these and I'm trying to strengthen my lower back and hamstrings.

Are there any alternatives to using these two machines? I'm not even really sure how to do them.

The reverse hyper in particular looks like a very awkward movement. I tried to do one, kind of, by leaning over a desk and brining my legs up. I'm not sure what muscles are involved...just that my tailbone hurt and my back was sore for a couple days.

I have no muscle whatsover on the back of my upper hip bones/tailbone. Not sure if it's supposed to be that way or if I'm a freak of some kind. I have a freakishly weak back though...


Yes. Check out the FAQ at elite fitness systems.

  • Start from simple Back raises aka hyperextensions... then build it to use some resistance (plate, a bar from the floor)
    • all variations of good morings (should know what it is)
    • pull throughs - 2 ways of doing: straigh legs, bend legs - sitting back with your bum
    • straight leg deadlift
    • romenian DeadLift
      -all sort of olimpi lifting exercises: cleans,snatches
    • (my favourite) one arm DB snatch (or with kettlebell)
      -seated goodmornings
    • "natural glut/calf/ham raises" (no machine needed!)
    • finally for you hamstrings and thighs - lunges, split squats

it should keep your busy for "some time". there are still many more :slight_smile:

Good luck,

P.S. you can always find online some pics with listed exersises


You might try goodmornings and romanian deadlifts. Based on what you are saying, natural glute ham raises might be a little much. My gym doesn't have a reverse hyper machine either. I set a bench on raised aerobic steps then use a swiss ball underneath me and hold dumbells between my feet. Its a little awkward.


elitefts.com faq




This is from EFS:

If you don?t have a Glute Ham Raise here are some exercises you can perform:

Romanian deadlift
Dimel deadlift
Straight leg deadlift
Straight leg deadlift standing on a box
Good mornings
Good mornings with Jump Stretch bands

If you don?t have a Reverse Hyperextension machine:

Perform the same movement on a high table or box
Back extensions
Pull-throughs (can be done with a band or a low cable)


use a lat tower for GHRs, stick your feet under the place where you stick your thighs and use that for support and your set and saved yourself a grand