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Glute Ham Raise

I dont have access to a GHR at the moment but am hoping to soon. Might not have anyone to show me the nitty gritty of technique. From the descriptions ive read it seems pretty straight forward. I was just wondering however, what is holding this guy up?

Is there a pad his knees are on that i cant see? Is it from his calves pushing hard against the foot plate? or am i missing something?

It’s his feet and his knees being wedged in there tightly enough to support him, yet still allow forward movement of the upper body.

No!!! I do these!! Initially his lower leg is firmly stuck between the half-round knee pad and the thing in the back. Also there are 2 bars through which you insert the feet. When he goes down, his lower quads are doing most of the support and when he goes down to full extension, the bars through which he put his feet in don’t let him tumble over. It is a fun exercise. I usually do 3 sets of 8 to 10 on a light day with no weight or I go 5x5 and go up about 10 pounds on each set. It’s not really g/h raise because it puts more pressure on calves than the real g/h raise does but it’s still fun, it hurts, and you get weird looks :). Superset it with front squats for the great burn.

Thanks guys

Chris where you getting one?


after paying for shipping, import duty and GST tax, forget about it :slight_smile:

I was trying to do these the other day and I felt like I was going to squash my boys as I was bending forward. What am I doing wrong?

You are too low on the pad.

S-Lifter- Are you sure hes too low? The glute ham raise that Fred Hatfield makes has two pads with a gap in the middle so you dont damage your nuts.

Does the height of the lifter having anything to do with it?

What about the shape of the pad?

(ps im not arguing just asking)

Coolcolj did you get my pm im not sure if that function is working or not

Not that I am actually strong enough to do these properly…but I find that the best apparatus to use is the “Swedish Bars.” You may have seen these “wide wooden ladders” at some gyms. People typically use them for hanging leg raises, etc…

Yes Chris, got it :slight_smile:

I’m glad I’m not the only one whose “boys” get squished…It’s kinda painful…I keep adjusting it just so I don’t do that anymore…arg.

So I should just try to have my knees closer to the top of the pad and things will line up better? OK I’ll try that next time I’m in the gym next week. (I’m on vacation right now.) I want to do good functional work for my hams, but it took about 2 seconds before I jumped off of this machine cursing!

Also, how hard are these?

How hard are they compared to Natural GHRs?

easier than natural glute ham raises…in my opinion, easier on the knees as well and less chance at pulling a hammy.