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Glucosamine Supplement


ok i just got my glucosamine supplement and it says take 1-3

the thing is though my joints are fuuuucked. like theyve been getting progressively worse as ive been getting progressively stronger which is logical because as i get stronger my weights increase.

anyway is there a reccomended megadose? theres 750mg of glucosamine suffate in each capsule.

id just like to be able to do a forearm/bicep flex without my elbow cracking/popping.


5400mg a day + chrondroitin + MSM + collagen 2. I am 45, w/ bad bad shoulders (strong candidate for replacement). If I started this younger it probably would have worked, but my shoulder is bone on bone ( heavy weights for a lot of years).

Now confinded to either high reps or very slow deliberate reps. Train smart, listen to your body. If hurt, cut back and rest. Don't ignore pain like I did or you will end up the same. Good Luck.


word, ill start doubling the doses then.

would it be better to take one big dosage or two regular size doses?


fish oil galore


Look into cissus.


Yeah, make sure you're getting your EFA's, first.

I work a physical labor job in the summer, and if I'm not getting a full dose of Flameout, along with anohter 5g or so of generic fish oil, my knees and ankles dont function.


fish oil is expensive. and im cheap.


ive taken all those joint supplements and i will say dude it costs more but fish oil will probably be alot better those glucosamine supps and all that really did nothing for me. You might be diff but that was just myu expirence


i'm really considering cissus. Done a bit of research on it and it looks promising.


I would split it up w/ each meal. Fish oils too. I pop 4 Flameout w/ each meal. Very $$ but what choice do I have?

I am really hoping the collagen II helps. taking 8grams w/ OJ first thing in the AM. Just started...will let you know.


yeah i was just joshing. i understand i need to buy fish its just a pain (no pun).

whats this cissus stuff? any articles on here? yeah yeah i know theres a thing called google but if someone already found the most comprehensive link/article id appreciate it.


vegita just posted a great dscription of cissus on a thread about joints in the supps/nutrition forum