OK, back for round 4. I am really interested in some more info on some of these GH releasers and supplements. I would like to here feedback on real world experience with this stuff and a heads up on good stuff and the crap. I have heard of some product called Trans-D, from the makers of Renewtrient, supposed to be the only proven supplement to get natural GH into the bloodstream. Any comments, personal exp, costs of some of this stuff? Anyone know any good brands of L-Dopa, and what is the deal with this stuff. I thought this was a metabolite of L-tyrosine and it becomes Dopamine, epinephrine etc, how does it release GH, how effective is it? Many questions and I definitely cant wait for the answers. What does everyone think of females using these supplements? Also, I am planning on changing my diet from the GBC book to one of the low carb diets like T-dawg, any suggestions for meals and ways to “ease the headache”, how many females have tried this diet? Anyway next time I will give word on the girlfriend, her confidence is building finally, but she still has skepticism about an athletes body, and the atmosphere here in Europe doesnt help. Thanks for everything.

As for the whole GH issue, read TC’s comments in the Meet the Press article in the current issue. I think he puts that topic to bed quite nicely!