Getting Testosterone Test Whilst on TRT - I've been bad!

Whilst being prescribed testogel i have been taking test prop 400mg per week. Yes i know it;s a cycle.
I have postponed my blood test for now. The question is. How long will it take roughly to drop down to a level ( x5 pumps a day of testogel) which would represent TRT dose?
I haven’t been tested in 10 years so this feels like i’m being targeted due to repeated problems with tendons rupturing etc.
Will they reduce my prescription?
TRT is for life i just feel they are sticking their nose into something which is not in my interest.
Please advise.

Only your doctor can answer that question, we don’t know what they will/won’t do.

You’ll need 5 HL to clear the Prop out, at least that’s quick with that ester. I’d say give it a week off the Prop and a week of your regular gel use and yhou should be fine

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One possibility is canceling your TRT script and refusing to treat you for misusing testosterone. Doctors don’t like liabilities that could threaten their medical license.

Think about it, if your doctor had prior knowledge that you were abusing testosterone, and he continued to treat you, and didn’t keep a sharp eye on you, and something happens to you, your doctor is on the hook!


Thanks Swoops, off the prop now and back on TRT dose. -2 pumps daily.
Ironically i feel pretty good. Resting HR is down as is blood pressure. All good so far. Thanks for the reply.

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They haven’t tested me once in over 10 years. I think they have prescribe a dose for life and walk away. This is the NHS in UK, not exactly great, so pretty rich with the liabilty angle as they haven’t even monitored my levels…yet.

That’s insane! The NHS is one dysfunctional health care system by design!