What exactly is gelatin and why are all of the new protein bars using this stuff?

collagen, an imcomplete protein that helps in the rebuilding of fascia tissue; it has not anabolic effects.

The are using this because it is a cheap way to up the protein count of their bars without actually providing quality protein. Stay away from bars that have hyrolyzed gelatin or collagen as one of their main ingredients (1st, 2nd, or 3rd ingredient in their protein blend).

Doesn’t it act as a “binder”? Holds the ingredients together? Ko will probably be able to answer this one better than I.

Like “d’oh” - after reading Joel’s post - {{hitting head}} ! (this is just me thinking out loud).

I believe gelatin slows the emptying of the stomach’s contents into the small intestine (similar to fats) which would slow the absorbtion of the protien. Gelatin is also a good way to increase the satiety of a product… just a few thoughts

Forget all the neat phrases for what it does, gelatin is pig and beef hooves. For more info do a search on google under gelatin and go the the Leiner Davis site.